Friday, November 16, 2007

Wine: Good for the Body & Soul

Ok so we're only one pound shy of the mythical number...if I don't regain mythic status by tomorrow I promised 300 crunches. However, I may still do those crunches even when I do reach it. My goal is of course to really lean up with good muscle tone, so crunches can't hurt, neither can squats, nor I'll throw those into the mix as well :)

I had my weekly voice lesson last night. I truly love and adore my teacher...not only is she brilliant, she's also an inspiration. The woman's in her 70's but doesn't look a day over 54...I hope to God that I look that good at 50 much less 70. She takes her vitamins, does pilates and tango dances...and doesn't spare on drinking wine...sounds like a lifestyle I could totally get into. I feel that we always accomplish so much...I have to remember to be accepting of the knowledge one has to offer instead of being such a stubborn mule when change or adjustment is advised. People are funny like that...a bit afraid of change, however I've always found that change is generally a good thing and brings about fun, new experiences. Yes, I'm merging the ideas of the previous sentence into every aspect of my life, including the positive changes we make when taking up a healthy and active lifestyle...Moral of the story: Don't be afraid of change...embrace it!

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