Monday, April 26, 2010

Gold Star for Today

Ok, so I did it right thus far today:

6:30am - 2 tsp. organic peanut butter w/1 cup organic skim milk

9:30am - Eggwhite omelet w/feta & fresh spinach & decaf coffee w/half & half

12:30pm - 0% Fage Yogurt & coffee w/half & half

2:10pm-2:45pm - Intervals on the Treadmill (guerilla cardio)

3:30pm - organic mixed green salad & balsamic vinaigrette
Not a bad start to the day...I've gotten in some awesome fuel into my body so far and had a lovely cardio work-out (purple face included)...yay me

Now the Plan for the rest of the day:

5pm - Vocal Coaching

6:30pm - Dinner

7pm - Cabaret rehearsal

11pm - Sleep, glorious sleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What goodness have you done for your body today...let's hit it!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Watch OMRT's Post

Opera Manhattan is trying to win free rehearsal space so please watch our youtube video and that will add another view to our site. The most viewed video wins the space for a year. So click the following link and enjoy the show :)

If you want to be extra helpful, clear your browsing history and watch it it has to be a new view everytime it's watched for it to count.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you in advanced. And also feel free to visit to learn more about the company you are supporting.

Have a great day,


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Just a quick Bloggy McBlog.

Day 3 back on the healthy eating and have found much success so far hem...regularity with the added green veggies in my diet.

Day 3 of not drinking any soda especially my precious Diet Dr. Pepper...this one's a toughie to give up.

I went for an hour long walk in the lovely weather today for my "lunch hour" :)

And I plan on getting some nice sleep this evening, assuming I get out of jingle singing rehearsal at a decent hour *hope of all hopes*

Oh and Madama Butterfly opens tomorrow night and then on Friday on my evening "off" I'm going to see my girl Challis' off-broadway play W;t . So wish everyone "break a leg" or "toi, toi, toi."

Have a great day peeps.
PS...the above pic is of our Cio Cio San in her make-up and wig :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Helping You

Day two, back on the blog and back to the healthy lifestyle. I've noticed that when you're in your 20's you figure you can deal with things like your health tomorrow... You're an untouchable, nothing can harm you. However, when we get to our 30's we notice, that we don't bounce back like we used to in our 20's...and as the decades just gets harder and harder. So when do we wake up? When do we realize that the time is now? Well, I guess that's based on the individual. Only you can decide what's right for you, and when you're going to take responsibility. Well, my time is now. I don't want to lose my health and my youth because I was irresponsible. If I can prevent certain diseases and degenerative effects, then count me in. I mean, if you think about it, if all I have to do is eat my green veggies and get my butt movin' to avoid time in the hospital or under a knife, um, then, hello!!! I know, I know, there are genetics and the taxi cabs on 5th Ave. that could shorten my life span, but hell if I don't fight it and look both ways before I cross the street ;) Seriously, just because heart disease and diabetes runs on both sides of my family, doesn't mean I'm gonna get it. In fact, just because it runs in any one's family that doesn't mean every person in that family is going to have that problem. My aunt and both my grandmothers are pretty healthy and don't have any heart or diabetic problems and generally the people in my family who do suffer from those disease are those who don't live the healthiest of lifestyles. Smoking, obesity, high stress jobs...those are the killers, and I feel if I avoid substance abuse, watch what I eat, and manage my stress in a healthy way, then I foresee a long healthy life ahead of me. But it's up to me, and there's no waiting, it has to happen now, today, yesterday and tomorrow. So I'll eat my healthy greens, I'll get in that cardio and resistance training, I'll brush my teeth, get my sleep, breathe and manage my stress...I will do everything in my power to live a long, healthy, happy life, and genetics can be damned!

I've taken gluten once again out of my diet. It's so hard, because I really love bread and pasta (mmm...comfort food)...but let's face it, Gluten makes me feel like CRAP. Thus I will avoid it and find healthy alternatives. I also started the regular gym visits again...I've got to make sure to get in at least 30 minutes a day of elevated, heart pounding activity 5 times a week. Sure I walk alot, heck it's NYC, but I only see positive changes when I challenge myself. Besides, I want to be able to wear a bikini and look good, before I get to the age where bikinis are no longer appropriate (Donatella hem).

So today, the plan is to continue to eat healthy, get my greens in and hit the elliptical for 30 minutes during my "lunch hour". What are you doing for you today?

Have a great one!