Wednesday, September 16, 2009

La Sonnambula

You'd think I'd learn to put myself to bed earlier, but that doesn't seem to be the now, I'm totally dragging @$$ today. Um...Hello...get some sleep already. It started off innocently enough, I was just going to spend a few minutes last night working on the Internet link to see if I couldn't set-up the wireless connection in my apartment...but as we all know, those sorts of things turn into more than they start out to be, thus an hour later, I gave up and did finally go to bed (at midnight). I'm close with the Internet thing though...I've got it connected in the bedroom, but now I have to get the other computer to pick up the signal (this is after I get the wireless keyboard working again...ugh). I'm so technically challenged, it's sad!

In the opera world, we've finished with "Emmeline" for awhile, until we go to Hungary to perform it in November. Until then, I've got a hair & make-up gig for "Rigoletto", and must continue learning Musetta for December's performances of "La Boheme". Oh yeah, audition season is also upon us, thus I have to perfect my audition package as well...tis a busy time.

Yesterday's eating was healthy but heavy, but I'm still down 1/2 a pound, and I have a feeling eating organic has something to do with that. I keep hearing that eating whole, natural foods will process in the body better, making for good nutrients without all the inflammation and other problems that go along with hormonally, chemically altered and processed foods.

Here's today's stats/log:

Weight: 155.5 lbs.

8am - Organic scrambled eggs (199 calories) & turkey bacon (105
Organic decaf coffee w/half & half (110 calories)

12pm - 15 Almonds (105 calories) & coffee w/half & half (110 calories)

2pm - Organic Chicken Vegetable Soup (170 calories)

4:30pm - Decaf Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Late (160 calories)

6:30pm - Ham & Cheddar Omelet (427 calories)

8:30pm - Organic decaf coffee w/half & half (110 calories)

Total Calories for the day: 1496

Additions and edits will be made to the log throughout the day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 2, Again...

Ok, so far so good...granted it has only been 1 day. I find I'm always good for a couple of days and then get derailed. Currently, I just have to make it through 2 weeks to start and then add on as I go if I decide...and I can do anything for 2 weeks. It does make it easier now that the Maestro is on board and doing this with me. He was so good yesterday and I think he was proud of himself for sticking with the healthy eating all day. Today we have lunch plans, so it'll be a nice little date and we can help each other stay on track :)

I wish I could shake the overtired feeling...I went to bed at a reasonable hour, compared to the past 2 weeks. However, I don't think one night's gonna do it and I hear there's no such thing as catching up on sleep. I am going to have to make it a priority to get my 7-8 hours of sleep, or I may find myself giving into emotional eating.

Here are today's stats/log:

Weight 156 lbs. (yep 3 lbs in a day...can you say menstrual)

8:30am - Organic scrambled eggs (199 calories) & turkey
bacon (105 calories)
Organic decaf coffee w/half & half (110 calories)

12:30pm - 15 Almonds (105 calories)

2:3opm - Grassfed ground beef steak (540 calories) w/mixed greens & balsamic vinagrette (86 calories)

4pm - decaf, grande, skinny, cinnamon dolce latte (130 calories)

7:30pm - free range chicken breast (240 calories) w/"creamed" spinach (280 calories)

8:30pm - Organic decaf coffee w/half & half (110 calories)

Total calories for the day: 1905

Have a great day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Try Try Again

Mother nature has been particularly cruel this month. If you're squeamish and or male, you may want to stop reading at this point., I had THE worst cramps yesterday, that I about died...or at least I felt like I was. On top of that, my eating has been out-of-control since last Thursday what with opening night at the Opera and all the champagne and partying ways we singers exist on during productions. Now I know why successful singers pack on the pounds...people just feed you and ply you with wine...eek! So as it stands, my stats are pretty lousy at the moment, thus I get to start all over again, but with a much higher body weight :(

The good news is that my honey, The Maestro, is going to be my partner in the battle of the bulge...we're both going to get all ship-shape together. Thus our plan is basically an organic/south-beachy approach to our diet...yummy organic lean proteins, veggies (lots o' green), dairy, legumes and nuts for the 1st 2 weeks, and then we'll add in organic citrus and whole grains like quinoa slowly back. On top of that we start our work-out regiment: a mixture of cardio, guerilla cardio, 30 day shreds, and some other weight training programs. Mixing it ups seems to keep the bod guessing and going in the right direction. I have a feeling, after the first 2 weeks we should be hating life, but feeling a heck of a lot better about ourselves. I guess Jillian Michaels is right...if it were easy, everyone would be in shape.

Ok, so here are today's stats...starting with my pathetic weight (159.5 lbs)

8am - 0% Greek Yogurt w/1 pkg of stevia (90 calories)

10am - Organic decaf coffee w/half & half (110 calories)

12pm - 1 cup of Blackbeans w/tomatoes & green chilies (280 calories)

3pm - 15 Almonds (105 calories)

4:30pm - Decaf coffee w/half & half (110 calories)

6:30pm - Beef & Broccoli - no sugar or MSG (300 calories)

Total calories for the day: 995

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yesterday & Today

Combining two logs in one today as it's gonna get a bit messy with the weekend's celebrations...not to mention that I'm totally PMSing...ugh!

Yesterday's weight stayed at 152 lbs. and my eating was sporatic and heavy:

12 pm - 3 Organic breakfast tacos w/eggs (200 calories), bacon (105 calories), raw cheddar (110 calories), & salsa (35 calories) on small corn tortillas (210 calories)

2 very small cubs of orange spiced dark chocolate (it was Green & Blacks Maya Gold 37 calories)

4 pm - 2 waffle cookies / pizzelle (162 calories) & a cup of organic skim milk (110 calories)

6 pm - an orange (62 calories)

8 pm - 5 Organic softtacos w/ground beef, cheddar (220 calories), salsa (70 calories), 0% greek yogurt (great sour cream subsitute and only at 30 calories) and lettuce & tomatoe on small corn tortillas (350 calories).

Cocunut milk, mint-chocolate chip "ice cream" that is sweetened with agave.

9 pm - Handfull Snap Pea crisps & a Handful of Glutten-free granola

Friday, September 4, 2009

Whoo Hoo - 4 day weekend ;)

Originally it was supposed to be a 3 day weekend (atleast from my day job), but physically I'm pooped. I just couldn't keep the 6 hours or less of sleep going...Thus
I took today off! I slept 12 hours last night, and it was deep too, I don't think an earthquake could have shaken me awake. Guess I just needed the rest. Now I'm up and functioning, unfortunately it's thrown my eating schedule off, so we'll just consider this a "cheat day" of sorts.

Rehearsals are going well. We have our first dress rehearsal today and they're incorporating all the lights and other technical aspects into the show for tonight's rehearsal. We have our preview this coming Tuesday for "Emmeline" and we open on's comingtogether and I can't wait to see all the elements working together to make this fantastic show even more spectacular. Let's just say, I'm very excited!

Here's today's log / stats:

Weight: 152 lbs. (holding steady since yesterday, but I did have just over 1500 calories, so I need to keep that down a bit more and really get in some good work-outs.)

2 pm - 3 eggs over medium (276 calories), 3 slices turkey bacon (105 calories), kidney beans (104 calories) and decaf coffee w/half & half (110 calories).

Have a great day...and remember that I will continue to ad to the stats log throughout the day.

6 pm - an Orange (62 calories)

8 pm - Organic Quinoa (127 calories)Organic Red Beans (110 calories)

Total of 894 calories (I know I'm missing something here...I will add it when I remember what it is that I ate.)

Total of 7000 steps


Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Weighty Issue

I'm now down 4 lbs. since Monday...and yes I'm exhausted as well. Even when I put myself to bed at 11pm, I can't seem to calm my brain down enough to fall asleep...thus when I get up at 6am, I haven't quite had enough sleep. Granted this time I'm sure it was due to having coffee at 8pm last night...not smart, but it did help get me through rehearsal as I was the walking dead beforehand.

There has been an uproar lately (well, it's always a delicate subject) in the Opera Business about weight. Why singers with great voices, but also have a bit more girth aren't being hired. Sadly, I think if you've ever had weight issues and are in an entertainment position, then perhaps you've been privy to this predicament. Personally, I've been on both the winning and losing side based on my looks in general. One audition where I was still at the 185 lbs range, I lost the romantic lead role to an untrained, very vocally challenged singer, and this was for a musical show...another audition I lost because I looked too old, and then another where I looked too point is, that it doesn't really matter what you look like, they're going to cast who they feel fit the role at that point in time...period. That doesn't mean that I'm never going to sing that role or with that company, but that I just don't fit into their idea for that moment.

Why am I so concerned with my weight? Well, as much as it does help me to be thinner in the business that I'm in, its really for my own reasons. I want to be healthy...I really do. I hate hospitals and I'm terrified of needles, thus if I keep myself healthy, I can avoid them for a very long time (God willing). Besides I feel good when I'm eating well, and staying it's more fun to fit in my clothes than to struggle with that damn zipper that just doesn't want to cooperate sometimes ;) I made the choice to fight my "genetics" and you know what, I'm winning. Sure it takes time, perseverance, and some sacrifice...but in the end, it's so worth it and I'm better for it in the end (which hopefully is a long way off, say 80+ years from now?)

I know that sometimes when we're at a certain weight that the end goal seems impossible and we want to give up...but if we remember to set little goals and keep achieving those goals, the ultimate goal will be standing right in front of you within reach before you know it. And it feels so good to know that you can reach out and grab those brass rings to obtain what you want, no matter what it is. Heck I'm already almost halfway to my first goal that I set this week...I just have to keep on keepin' on...and don't think for a moment that I won't.

Today's log / stats:

Weight: 152 lbs.

8:30 am - 1 medium orange (62 calories) & 15 raw almonds (105

10:30 am - Cup of Oatmeal (147 calories) with 2 tbl. sp. each of Raisins (49 calories), Walnuts (60 calories) & Maple Syrup (100 calories).

*Important Note: It is now 11:30 am, and I have the shakes something terrible...I don't think my body likes the Maple Syrup, will try agave next time instead.

Organic decaf skim milk latte w/2 tsp. agave nectar (milk 110 calories + agave 28 calories)

2:30 pm - Organic Huevos Rancheros (365 calories) w/Guacamole (50 calories) and Homefries (266 calories)

Iced Peach Rooibus Tea

Whew...I'm already at 1,342 calories today...I've gotta lighten up for the rest of the day...say hello veggies.

5:30 pm - Coffee w/skim milk (110 calories)

7:30 pm - Organic Quinoa (127 calories) & Organic Red Beans (110 calories)

Total of 7000 steps today
Total of 1,589 calories

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

3rd Day Back on the Blog

So far so I am still seeing good progress thus far - down 3.5 lbs. in 2 days. I don't want to jinx it though or scare it off, so read this blog in your whisper voice. I have to say when I do things right I tend to do them well and see progress, I just have to be consistent. Sadly, consistency is the problem...I allow too many obstacles to keep tripping me up on my journey to healthdom. I could ask the "why, oh why?" question, but why? That would just being self-defeating in the overall picture. I know just happens, and I just need to make strong, smart choices as they come...that's all...right?...HA! Oh well, I always go with the motto, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Thus I will keeping going, and keep trying until I do it! And if you think about it, if you're trying, then you're already doing...think about that.

On the opera front: Rehearsals for "Emmeline" at Dicapo Opera are going very well, this is going to be an amazing show. I really adore what the stage director has and is doing with this's truly inventive and beautiful, not to mention very physical. He's got the lead soprano (who sings sooo beautifully) rolling around on the floor, with her head hanging over boxes and sitting stark still in a chair whilst she sings throughout the show...not to mention that the ensemble is practically choreographed in everything they's been a meticulous rehearsal process, but very fruitful...Again, this is really going to be quite an amazing and visual show...not to mention the great singing talent within.

On the fitness & nutrition side: I'm feeling a bit tired due to only 5-6 hours of sleep a night, but that will be remedied as soon as we're done with the production on Sept. 13th. Other than that I do feel pretty good and energized considering. I'm sure it has to do with the healthy eating and how often I'm doing it. Eating Organic has been really positive thus far.

Here's today's log and stats:

Weight: 153 lbs.

8:00 am - 2 medium organic hard boiled eggs (152 calories), water, organic decaf skim milk latte w/2 tsp. agave nectar (milk 110 calories + agave 28 calories)

Supplements: Multi-Vitamin (Trader Darwin's Women's), 1200 mg Calcium w/200 IU vitamin D (10 calories), 595 mg potassium gluconate, milkthistle.

11:00 am - 1 medium orange (62 calories) & 15 raw almonds (105 calories)

1:30 pm - Chicken w/veggies in a spicy basil sauce over brown rice (350 calories) & steamed veggie dumplings (150 calories)

2:30 pm - Workout: 1 hour of moderate walking

4:30 pm - Coconut water (65 calories)

6:30 pm - Organic Quinoa (127 calories) & Organic Red Beans (110 calories)

8:00 pm - Coffee w/skim milk (110 calories)

Total of 1351 calories

Total of 7,000 steps today

Have a great day folks!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And the Progress Continues

Alright, the first day "back at the blog" went well I think. I maintained my online "journal" and accomplished everything I set forth yesterday. Now to keep the momentum going. All we can do is take it moment by moment, day by day...a lesson I've learned the hard way. If you're an absolutist (like me) about things, you may find that if you don't bend, then you may break. Unfortunately, I've been known to be a little hardcore/strict on my diet and then have one slip up and be like "F#@K it , I already messed up the day, I might as well enjoy the rest of the day, week, month, year" get the idea. So the plan is to make good decisions when they come and not beat myself up if I have a few mis-haps or unplanned things come into my life...besides you can always burn a few more calories if you eat a few more than you planned.

On the opera front: I had a quasi-terrible coaching yesterday. Last week the allergies hit me hard and gave me a little laryngitis, thus Monday being my first vocal day back, I didn't feel I did my best singing...on the positive though, I did get through all of "Emmeline" memorized (which is saying a lot, due to the score's difficulty).

On the weight progression: I am on the right track and already 2 lbs. down from yesterday. I look forward to when the scale will say 10 lbs. down and my clothes say 2 inches in :) I think I'll see great progress in the next two weeks. I just have to continue to eat clean, watch my calories, and work-out almost everyday.

Here's today's fitness/nutrition log:

7:30 am - 2 medium organic hard boiled eggs (152 calories), water, herbal tea (lemon rose)

Supplements: Multi-Vitamin (Trader Darwin's Women's), 1200 mg Calcium w/200 IU vitamin D (10 calories), 595 mg potassium gluconate, milkthistle.

10:30 am - Organic Decaf Coffee w/organic half & half (100 calories) and half of a 0% organic plain yogurt (50 calories) w/stevia extract

1:00 pm - Organic Quinoa (127 calories) & Organic Red Beans (110 calories)

Baked Organic Cherries (54 calories)


2:30 pm - Workout: 1 hour of moderate walking

3:30 pm - Organic Chicken Vegetable Soup...mmm (170 calories)

Baked Organic Cherries (54 calories)

5:30 pm - Decaf Coffee w/half & half (110 calories)

7:30 pm - Orange (62 calories) & cup of organic skim milk (110 calories)

End of Day Stats:

Total of 1109 calories

Total of 11,000 steps today

Have a great day!