Wednesday, September 16, 2009

La Sonnambula

You'd think I'd learn to put myself to bed earlier, but that doesn't seem to be the now, I'm totally dragging @$$ today. Um...Hello...get some sleep already. It started off innocently enough, I was just going to spend a few minutes last night working on the Internet link to see if I couldn't set-up the wireless connection in my apartment...but as we all know, those sorts of things turn into more than they start out to be, thus an hour later, I gave up and did finally go to bed (at midnight). I'm close with the Internet thing though...I've got it connected in the bedroom, but now I have to get the other computer to pick up the signal (this is after I get the wireless keyboard working again...ugh). I'm so technically challenged, it's sad!

In the opera world, we've finished with "Emmeline" for awhile, until we go to Hungary to perform it in November. Until then, I've got a hair & make-up gig for "Rigoletto", and must continue learning Musetta for December's performances of "La Boheme". Oh yeah, audition season is also upon us, thus I have to perfect my audition package as well...tis a busy time.

Yesterday's eating was healthy but heavy, but I'm still down 1/2 a pound, and I have a feeling eating organic has something to do with that. I keep hearing that eating whole, natural foods will process in the body better, making for good nutrients without all the inflammation and other problems that go along with hormonally, chemically altered and processed foods.

Here's today's stats/log:

Weight: 155.5 lbs.

8am - Organic scrambled eggs (199 calories) & turkey bacon (105
Organic decaf coffee w/half & half (110 calories)

12pm - 15 Almonds (105 calories) & coffee w/half & half (110 calories)

2pm - Organic Chicken Vegetable Soup (170 calories)

4:30pm - Decaf Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Late (160 calories)

6:30pm - Ham & Cheddar Omelet (427 calories)

8:30pm - Organic decaf coffee w/half & half (110 calories)

Total Calories for the day: 1496

Additions and edits will be made to the log throughout the day.

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