Thursday, December 15, 2011

Diets and Work-outs and Hormones, OH MY!

I've been riding the Dukan diet bandwagon lately and have been seeing pretty good results.  Currently in the "Attack Phase", 4.5 lbs have fallen off in less than a week.  Not to mention that I've been hitting the "30 Day Shred" and the treadmill at the Gym lately.  I plan on losing a good 10 lbs. by the time New Years rolls around and to be in pretty decent shape by Jan. 25th for a possible show.  THEN I want to be in top "bikini model" shape for this upcoming summer.  Once I've droppped the pounds of lovely female insulation, I plan on really toning up the bod before the Spring's end.

Unfortunately, I think the one factor that is working against me is my hormones.  I think I'm hitting PMS this week and I'm starting to lose focus.  Everything makes me angry, pissed off and sad this week.  I seem to hate everyone and cry at commercials on the telly...very possible this is all hormonally based, or I'm just a sad, angry person...I'm going with "sad, angry person"  lol!  But seriously, it's crazy how hormones can affect our logic, our reason, our desires and our willpower.  How many times have you been off "chemically" or "hormonally" and found yourself saying "Ah F#$K it! I'll eat what I want, forget my diet...I'm just too stressed...or tired...or ________ (insert excuse)"?  Yeah, that's life, and we have to deal.  SO, I'm trying to keep my cool, not lose my mind, deal with crap that the world throws at me and persevere through.

Today I have a gym date to do some guerilla cardio on the treadmill with my girl Kristina.  She's been a good gym buddy and has lost 40 lbs. in the past year with diet and exercise.  My girl Vicki has lost 28 lbs. so far in the last 2 months (thank you Dr. Dukan) and has about 30-40 more to go before her beach wedding this coming August.  I know she'll stick with it and look fantastic for her big day...we won't let her do otherwise ;)

All in all, life is good.  I'm seeing successes in my diet, my fitness, and my love life on the other hand is a bit strained, which can really throw a wrench in anything you do.  Emotional distraction and distress cloud one's judgement and sucks the energy and will right out of you.  We just have to trust ourselves, know our strengths and really push forward no matter what...In fact, nothing makes you feel better than a good work-out.  Get your anxieties out in the gym, go for a run, pop in a killer work-out DVD or go for a long me, you'll feel better afterwards and look great too!

Have a great day!