Monday, November 28, 2011

Recovery Week

The Grand Thanksgiving Feast is done, the leftovers consumed, the alcohol in dregs and the dent in the sofa is ever deeper.  Now it's time to turn from our glutenous and slothful ways, back to the healthy eating and the frequent visits to the gym...its time for Recovery Week!  If you've found yourself plumper than the turkey that was on your table this past Thursday, then it's time to take action.

My personal approach is to detox, eat lean, green and healthy, and to not forget those calorie shedding moments in the gym.  Today I started back with a mostly lean protein, green veggie diet with a morning fruit/green protein shake in the morning (also great for a pre-workout shake).

 Jackie Warner's Secret Shake:
I would blend the liquids, powders and protein first in the blender, adding a splash of water as needed.  Then add your cup of frozen spinach and blend until your shake is green and smooth, then finally adding in the frozen berries until fully blended.  Drink immediately.

This is such a great start to my day, and really gets my metabolism going.  I have my shake at 7am and I'm easily hungry again by 9am, so then onto egg whites or 0% Greek yogurt.

Here's a sample of my daily nutrition on this lean diet and the work-outs I get in:

  • 7am - the not so "Secret Shake"
  • 9am - 3 Egg whites (and a nice cup of hot green tea)
  • 11am - 0 % Greek Yogurt
  • 1pm - Chicken Breast and mixed veggies (mostly green and cauliflower)
  • 2pm (30 minute Guerrilla Cardio at the gym on the Treadmill)
  • 3pm - 10 to 15 raw almonds (maybe another cup of green tea)
  • 6pm - Portabella Mushroom "pizza" with lean ground beef bolognese and skim shredded mozzarella (I make my own bolognese because I can control what goes into the sauce, keep the sugar out, add the protein in and keep it low fat.)
  • 7pm (Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD)

During this phase, I keep my dairy intake low (it contains lactose), drink tons of water (at least 64 oz), cut all sodas (diet, I never drink regular) out, drink 1-2 cups of green tea per day, and try to keep the rest of the day low in caffeine and sodium (too much caffeine induces the liver to produce excess insulin plus can increase cortisol, and sodium keeps us puffy).

I also like to track my food, water intake, weight and exercise at ... I've found that if you log it, you're more likely to stick with it.

Ok, so now you have the tools to drop the Holiday poundage...go for it.  I have found that I average about .5 - 1 pound per day for the first two weeks.  It's a great way to shed unwanted bellyfat and bloat.  After the first two weeks, I add in more legumes like black beans and kidney beans to keep my energy up with the increase in exercise (the "secret shake" is great for energy as well plus muscle repair).

Feel free to hit me up with any questions or comments.

Have a great day,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm baaack

Well after a crazy summer of hitting Austria's many wonderful music and dance festivals, a successful launch to a new opera company, a tour with the National Lyric Opera's production of Tosca and an incredible evening of comic opera set in a speakeasy...I finally have one moment to breathe and blog.

Austria:  The summer was a whirlwind of events and travel for me.  I found myself involved with a great group of artists and Austrians, and thus ended up in Austria this summer for 2 weeks.  On my travels I visited Vienna, Graz, Salzburg and Carinthia.  What a lovely country with lovely people.  I can't wait to go back.  And the music was sublime.  The only downside is that the food is so delicious that I had to do some serious damage control once I got back to the States.

Opera Moderne:  My new opera company Opera Moderne launched on August 31st...and the New York Times gave us a very favorable review among a few other reviewers.  And just recently we performed the rarely done Wolf-Ferrari comic opera "Le Donne Curiose" to a completely packed house at The Players Club this past Friday.  It was a roaring success with everyone dressing in 1920s fashion and enjoying an evening of prohibition cocktails, great jazz & opera singing, and the wonderful Hot Box Girls who came in and entertained during the intermissions.  It was a night not to be missed!

Diet & Exercise:  After my ridiculous eating in Austria, I came back to NYC and found myself a bit chubbier than I like.  So my girls and I put ourselves on the Dukan diet.  Wow did this work!  I lost a good 13 lbs. in a month and was very pleased to take on some performing when it came to me on Oct. 20th (it was a new twist on Musetta, the clothing was minimal).  Now I've been slacking off a bit and need to get myself and my mindset back on track.  Not to mention, it's time to find myself regularly at the gym, especially with the changing weather coming in (no more beautiful, warm, outside work-outs).  I've got no excuse.  I've gotta bust my butt...if nothing else than to be in great shape in February for when I go back to Vienna to sing this same Musetta role.  I want to look like a freakin' bikini model if I can help it.  I guess it's Dr. Dukan and Jillian Michaels to the rescue.  One thing I have realized on the Dukan diet is that when you have Protein Veggie days, please make sure to get LOTS of green vegetables.  I suggest having a pure green juice if you can get it...those micronutrients are so important and your body needs it.  I'll stick to Dukan until my goal weight of 20 lbs. down from now, and then I'm switching over to slow carb, because I love me some legumes.  I know Paleo works, but I miss my dairy and that is the choice I've made.

Simply Green Juice

- 1 cup of spinach
- 2 cups of kale
- 2 cups of parsley
- 1 cucumber
- 3 celery stalks
Add a little garlic and/or ginger if you like. Wash thoroughly and juice.

Well, I hope you are all healthy, happy and fulfilling your goals.  And if you have any questions on these latest adventures, please feel free to hit me up.

Have a great day!