Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just a quick Bloggie Blog

I'm about to leave to lay down the tracks and do the dubbing for the movie I'm singing in (it's finally been settle that the title of the film is "Coup de Grace" by Pristine Pictures). The production company is really cutting it close, they've already submitted the film to the Cannes Film Festival but they're still doing the sound editing...I guess you can resubmit a finished product. The screening is May 19th in Cannes and I was invited to go, but with my budget and schedule it's really not an ideal time. Oh well at least I was asked. I hope that my jazz singing is as well received as my opera singing with them...cross your fingers folks that it goes well.

As for the MDC, I'm doing very well I feel. I've been eating healthy and I had a great interval session on the treadmill yesterday...I'm also starting to feel back to my normal self. We'll continue on getting more sleep.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No Longer MIA

I'm back baby, at least I'm back from tour. It was a fun tour, but I didn't get much rest as I had feared and now I'm at even more of a deficit. Tonight's plan is to have an early dinner and then go home and collapse...that's pretty much the plan for every evening this week. I'll get my work-outs in at lunch and my rest in at I know it sounds like a no brainer, but I really have a hard time just stopping and resting my mind & body. I'm seriously running on empty currently and my body is really hungry's burning everything I'm putting in it so that I'm starving every two hours. I truly believe it's compensation for the lack of sleep the bod is getting. So I will feed and water my body good healthy things and hope that I can get through today. Heck I can hardly focus enough to type and I'm fighting a dull headache that wants to take over all mental capacity.

I just have to remember to take one thing at a time. This week is already looking a bit overwhelming in the things to do category. I MUST memorize my new French Aria this week + work on all my music for the upcoming Competition on May 13th + get with the competition accompanist to practice + do the dubbing work for the Jazz singing tomorrow in a movie I was hired for + get in a voice lesson on Friday, a vocal coaching sometime this week and go to an event on Thursday night for my company...all this while trying to eat right, work-out and get 8 hours of sleep. I've just got to get my 8 hours...I really need it.

So there ya go, and I'm going to continue to keep pushing through. I am going to finish the MDC strong as I know you will too.

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Almost Friday

Yeah, I'm still tired, but I feel like I'm on the upside of tired today. I've got a long weekend ahead of me with the Opera Tour, but at least I can sleep on the bus? Maybe...I don't sleep well while traveling, one of my downfalls. At least I'll be with people I like and I know that we'll have fun regardless of the LONG hours on the tour bus.

I ate pretty well yesterday, unfortunately I was a bit derailed because I worked a reception last night for our opera company and the only food available was sandwiches, cheese, and cookie I had a little of it all...the equivalent of one turkey sandwich, one little square of cheddar and 3 cookies with a cup of decaf coffee. I did avoid the alcohol however and did get in quite a bit of exercise just from the running, fetching and hauling of things for the reception. I also kicked ass in Fat-Burning Pilates class yesterday, so I didn't feel too terrible about the later food (ehem the cookies) I consumed, and the earlier part of the day was clean and healthy. Today's goal is to continue the good eating and getting more rest. I'm finding that it really is the fatigue that's doing me I'm committed to really getting in all the rest I possibly can, while feeding my body good healthy things and really killing it at the gym.

I'm really ready to finish the MDC strong and I know with my girls Val & Rose that we can do this thing and we're going to be sooo proud of how we held on and pushed through to the end. We'll be laughing over cocktails after a day of shopping here in NYC about how gruelling and sketchy it got in the middle of the challenge, but how we overcame the little things and really kick-ass the rest of the way through. Let's do it girls...we've soooo got this!!! We're gonna punch and kick our way through if we have to, and it's going to be a strong finish from now on. ONE MONTH & 2 Days to go until Memorial Day...Let's Do This Thing!

Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hump Day

I'm so glad it's the middle of the week and that it's ever closer to Friday. I'm ridiculously exhausted and I'm barely keeping my head above water. I know it's all due to my crazy schedule and good ol' PMS. I was so close to calling in this morning, but decided to save my days off for this coming Monday when I return from the "Fanciulla" Tour. I know that I'll be completely worthless come Monday morning after traveling the Northeast over this coming weekend. It's that time again when we hit Massachusetts and give Opera to the at least the opera loving masses.

I'm desperately trying to keep on my good eating and working-out plan, but with my sleep deprivation, I find that making sound choices is getting difficult. This morning I decided to have organic steel-cut oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts to fuel my body...and for my second meal I had fat free Greek yogurt with chopped raw almonds. I feel that I'm going under and that I could easily go over the edge of getting sick if I don't take care. So good food is even more important now than taking my vitamins and drinking my water.

Today's work-out plan is Fat-Burning Pilates Class at 12:15, which means I've gotta jet now to get there.

Have a great day...and I hope I perk up soon.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Treading Water & Retaining It!

I totally gave into PMS Temptation this weekend! I had that bagel I've been wanting, even though I didn't lose the 5 lbs. that I said I had to before I allowed myself "said bagel" (instead I'm up 4 lbs...blarg!) Yet being a woman and knowing it's the week into my cycle (ETA Thursday) I realize, thanks to help from my "sane" fellow bloggers / friends, that I am indeed retaining water. I'm sooo bloated too...I'm in the "beached whale" frame of mind right now, but what's a girl to do, but to wait it out and let it pass. I also had fried chicken & french fries twice, & 2 chocolate milk shakes this someone say overboard? The good thing is that I didn't ingest more than those in calories, because of lack of time or interest to eat beyond that. It took me 4 hours on Friday night to even eat the chicken fingers with french fries...and I split it with my friend Kristin, so it wasn't as bad as I'm making it out to be, even though it's still fried and pretty bad in itself...Oh but the chocolate milkshakes were all me and soooo worth it...mmm. I can happily say I'm satiated for the next few weeks, or maybe until next month when PMS hits again...we'll see. I decided that a few unauthorized meals weren't going to kill me, but infact may be just exactly what I needed to get my weight to go the other way down the scale. Since the healthy eating and the working-out stopped showing results, I decided to shock my system by changing it up a bit and then shocking it again by going back to the healthy eating. Hopefully it will kick-start my body back into burn & weight loss mode. The other good thing that came out of eating like crap this weekend was the reminder of how crappy I feel when I eat that way...yep: Crap in Crap out...

Today's plan is to eat lean, work-out (twice if time allows), drink my water (much needed especially this time of the month), take my vitamins (my immune system is definitely feeling under) and stay focused and positive! I can totally do this and I still have 6 weeks to really finish The Memorial Day Challenge strong.

I also looked over my past logs and found places that I could lean up even eating more egg whites instead of whole eggs, or going for turkey burger patties instead of beef. Granted that my diet does allow whole eggs and lean beef, but my caloric intake is probably higher than it should be according to the formula. I should only be taking in around 1431 calories a day in order to lose weight, even with my when eating 5-6 meals a day, you have to be really careful with the amount of calories in each meal...and I think the slight alterations to what I'm consuming will help. I've already had 500 calories today in my first 2 meals, so I can have a good 900 more calories...that could be a little or a lot depending on what choices I make...and veggies are not only delicious, but generally low in calories. So I'm thinking perhaps a roasted chicken breast and some yummy broccoli for dinner, 15 raw almonds for a mid-day snack (high in fat, but it's good fat and only 104 calories) and a nice 0% Greek yogurt for my after dinner snack around 7ish. That should keep me well fed and well within my caloric goal for the day.

Ok, so I've got a plan and now its time to execute it...Let's get to work!


Friday, April 18, 2008


Alright, I'm still feeling a little crazy and bothered from yesterday...however, I realize that hormones are affecting my mental state. Remember that menstrual = mental...and I feel it a comin' on. I'll be surfing the crimson wave by this time next week and probably relieved of the extra water weight I'm taking on at the moment. I can tell that it's hitting me hard, not only because of the water weight and the emotional roller coaster ride I'm on, but my immune system is low and I'm fighting the tickle in my throat so it doesn't become a cold.

I got 7 hours of sleep last night, it would have been 8, but the boyfriend couldn't find his text book or keys this morning, so I had to get up and help him there went the extra hour of sleep :( booo. I'm soooo sleeping in tomorrow *yawn*. So now I'm typing, still a bit groggy and tired, and it's going to be a long day due to having to be at the Opera Theatre tonight for "Fanciulla"...the show won't be over until 11pm, which puts me at home around midnight (theoretically). Those are the cons for today.

The pros for today are: It's Friday, it's sunny and beautiful, the weekend is upon us (I know that's a bit redundant because the Friday comment, but it has to be said)and my friend Kristin is coming into the city and we're going to have a work-out date at lunchtime :D It's sooo nice to have a buddy, especially for working out. I'm wondering if I can't convince her to do a power walking session outside, since it's a GORGEOUS Spring day! Ahhh Spring and the warm temps that come with...I really want to play hooky and not come back to work!!! Maybe I'll call my boss and ask...I've sooo got cabin fever.

Ok, so I've made a decision. I'm going to go back and look over my logs for the past three weeks. I'm going to compare Wk 1, 2 & 3 of the MDC to see where things started going askew (Week 1 was very successful). Granted it may just be water weight & muscle gain, but I definitely need to check things out to make sure. Maybe there's something in my diet that's causing the reverse on the scale...Oh, I'm up 2 more pounds today BTW! I'm only 4 lbs. away from where I started the MDC and I refuse to continue going backwards. So I'll do the check and really clean up my act if that's the case. I'm also going to attempt to change up the work-outs a bit to shock the body...that may be the simplest answer. I'm also going to really push for more sleep as well. I may have to buy a separate bed for the living room just so that I can get that much needed sleep...the boyfriend's and my schedule are just not meshing well and I'm not getting any rest. I may even spend sometime away if I have to...I'm just going down in flames mentally and physically at the moment and I need to get control of the situation. He's a darling, don't get me wrong, but our schedule oppositions suck and I can't keep up with it. breathing and I feel that I've got a good plan for revamping my fitness & nutrition plan. I'll also make sure to cook and prepare my meals for the week so there are no unexpected eating never know what's hidden in your food, no matter how healthy and simple you think it is.

I want to thank all my friends / blog peeps for supporting me and encouraging me. I love you're the best...thank you, thank you, thank you...I truly am blessed.

Have a GREAT Weekend!


Thursday, April 17, 2008


We had to go in for our Biometric Screening today at work (the corporate day job that is). This will give us a $100 discount on our Health Insurance, no matter what shape you're in, as long as you do the screening. So they made us fill out paper work, took our weight, height, blood pressure, lung function and order to give us instant results on BMI, Cholesterol, Sugar, etc. The results: Well, Lung Function was normal, my blood pressure low (100/60), my cholesterol good 192 total with a 49 HDL (very good) and a TC/HDL Ratio of 3.9 which puts me in a low risk category. They did measure our hip to waist ration which was really good (a 10" difference) but I was a little mad that they still measure BMI by height to weight and fact as far as I've come and with the few pounds I gained just recently, it put me in the marginally overweight category. WTF? I'm sorry, maybe I'm in denial, but I really don't think I'm overweight...perhaps a bit squishy in parts, but not overweight. I've worked sooo hard to lose the weight and to lose the body fat (which with recent caliper measurements is at 22%), and it really ticks me off that just because I'm a few pounds up, I'm all of a sudden overweight. Hello...I'm a woman!...I retain water AND I also work-out EVERYDAY at the gym and at home at least 3 times a week on top of that...I'm leaner than most of the women who got a normal BMI here at work...How can they still measure people like that? I mean come on, is it really fair that Joe Blow at work who never works-out and is like 6'5 tall and lanky, gets a low BMI because of his height to weight ratio? Is that rational, logical and really an effective way to measure one's health? Grrr....I'm really irritated by this. I was complaining to my friend Mark about this, he was standing in line with me waiting for results. He said, not to worry, that I'm obviously not overweight and if I didn't believe him, the next time I walk down the street to notice every head turn as I walk was sweet of him to say...true, but sweet...ROFL. The point is, when are they going to accurately measure one's body fat? Dunk me in a tank full of water damnit and make the insurance pay for it if they're so concerned! Get accurate results before you penalize people on their health statistics.

Wow, ok, enough ranting. You know the really terrible effect of this, is that I really want a bagel now...Granted it's because in the screening room they put out platters of bagels with cream cheese, butter and I had a visual trigger that when mixed with my emotional annoyance, it makes it hard to say no. I didn't eat one, but it doesn't make it easy not to want one. Talk about upping one's cholesterol and You'd think, if the company can bring in a medical lab group to do these tests, they can order in healthier options for breakfast...but I guess they did at least try and offer something, especially after taking our blood.

I have to admit, that I'm on the edge today. I'm at that point where the scale is going the wrong direction no matter how good I'm eating and how hard I'm working-out...It really makes me want to throw in the makes me want to just eat that bagel and say screw working-out today, I'm tired. I'm sooo close, even though I had two pretty good work-outs these past few fact I'm still sore and it feels good, but the scale says I'm up another 1/2 lb. and the screening scale says I'm up 4...AHHHH!!! So here's where I need Val's word: Resolve...there are so many definitions but I think the one that is really going to help me here is the understanding it as basically determination. How determined am I to stick with this and really make it count? How determined am I to make it to the end of the challenge and mentally know I have had gold stars all the way through? How determined am I NOT to look back and say what if? I haven't cheated once on my eating plan! I've worked-out everyday (except on designated rest days) and dragged my butt to the gym, even when I was tired. I'm more than half way through week 3 for the MDC, a good 3rd of the way could I even think of quitting? Ok, so I'm having a bad day, hit a plateau and am seeing a gain on the scale...and the only thing that's keeping me going is Pride and Accountability through this blog and to my blog peeps who are doing this with me. Yeah I need the MDC and all of you backing me up on this...because it's the only thing right now that's keeping me in the game. I guess I'm still ranting huh?

Ok, so the plan for today: Continue to eat my authorized meals at their appointed times, work-out (twice if possible), take my vitamins, drink my water and get more rest. I did get 7 hours last night least theoretically, if you don't count being woken up at 4 in the morning when the Boyfriend got home (he didn't have to train this morning, so he had a night out). So early to bed again tonight and see if we can't get in 8 hours this time.

Have a great and determined day!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

W3/D4? I'm So Tired!

My monthly friend seems to becoming next week and I'm already feeling the effects. Not to mention my lack of rest is starting to really wear on I've gained a lovely 2 lbs. to offset the 7 I lost...CRAP! Ok, so I really have to kick it up a notch. I know I can work-out harder, eat even leaner, and by darned get some freakin' sleep!...Oh, and I must eat sooner. I found myself eating a little late for comfort last night...I should be done by 8pm not starting to eat at 8pm...7pm is even better, because that gives my food enough time to digest so that I can work-out and then wind down for bedtime. It doesn't help that I'm woken up before 5am every morning so that the boyfriend can go to work...blech! (I really hope he sleeps in tomorrow...ugh.) I've got to come up with a better arrangement, this being woken up and our crappy schedules that seem to conflict are really taking a toll on me and my sleeping patterns (and I'm sure his).

Today I plan on going to my fat-burning pilates class at 12pm and tonight is voice and "Ladies Night" at my teacher's house. I plan on getting home by 9pm, hopping in the shower and then hitting the sheets...I should be in bed by 10pm if it works-out well...even if I get to bed by 11pm it's still a possible 7 hours of sleep. Ah, sleep, I really, really, really need that. Oh and tomorrow I have to have a Biometrics screening here at's to keep our health insurance premiums down...yeah, right! I feel confident that I'll do well though...I've been eating right and working-out for sometime now and I feel that I fall under the category of healthy (but you never know what could happen).

Sorry if I'm rambling...that seems to be one of Zombie Girl's special powers...nonsensical ramblings.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

W3/D2 & A New Word!

I've got a new word / motto if you will. As you know, I'm always big on the word Perseverance, and I still think it's a very important word to have and use in your vocabulary of life. But today my friends I have a new one, a word that ups the ante: Diligence *cue chorus "Ahhhh"*

1. constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind.
2. Law. the degree of care and caution required by the circumstances of a person.
3. Obsolete. care; caution.

I mean think about it. It's one thing to have perseverance in life and to keep trying and keep going, but if you add to that thought, diligence, then you're putting in that extra effort as you keep going along. Constant and Earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; Persistent exertion of body or mind...Hello!!! Isn't that what we're doing here? Isn't it better to be diligent in what you do, instead of just floating through life? I mean if we all just floated along, we'd soon end up looking like a bunch of billowy who wants to be all round, lumpy and bumpy of figure?

A great example of Diligence are my two ladies Val & Rose who are staying ever diligent on The Memorial Day Challenge. Both have a goal and are using diligence to get there. Day in and day out they are constantly making choices that will help them accomplish in earnest what they are trying to accomplish...and you know there's a whole lot of exertion of body and mind going on there. They're the very definition of diligence...and I know they will continue to persevere at being diligent. LOL...ok, that last bit was a bit much, but I know they will, even if I do write dorky blogs...and I did get my point across.

So now for ME to be ever diligent in all that I do:

Eating was authorized, but once again a bit late in the evening for my taste, and I really had way to much protein I feel. I woke up and all the chicken I had eaten last night was still in my stomach, or at least that's how it felt. I will instead eat earlier and get my work-outs in at night on top of my lunchtime work-outs. And I must, I must, I must go to bed earlier...I'm just not feeling rested and it's really starting to effect me. Don't worry, I'm still eating my authorized meals, exercising, drinking my water, and taking my vitamins, but it's starting to get harder by the day the longer I go without proper sleep. So I will be diligent and get that much needed rest and schedule my work-outs and my dinners earlier... more importantly, I will stick to that schedule!

Ok, I'm off to my next meal of the day...make it a Great One!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 1 Week 3 of the MDC

Warning: This blog contains some serious rambling, run-on sentences, and not to mention, the occasional made up word; proceed at your own discretion.

I avoided the dreaded bagel all weekend and feel that I've currently conquered the doughy bread product. However, I have found that when I'm in production and up to my own time management on the weekends, I suck at eating enough food. I find myself always getting a decent healthy breakfast, but lunch and dinner are generally an afterthought of, oh yeah, I need to eat something. In fact, I practically live on decaf coffee the whole time...Not the greatest, and definitely not enough calories, and I end up having to eat late in order to get a meal in after performance...and I'm usually starving by then. Saturday I had eggs and turkey bacon, followed by decaf coffee, followed by decaf coffee, followed by a burger patty and a Greek salad, followed by decaf then around 11:30 pm I had a roasted chicken breast and water. Sunday was a lovely brunch of a french rolled omelet w/fresh herbs, asparagus & goat cheese with a lovely mixed green salad and some apple bacon, followed by decaf coffee, followed by decaf coffee, and finally a lovely Cuban dinner of roasted garlic chicken, pork, beans, spinach and some guacamole salad...this was all shared with my dinner guests of course and around 10:00 pm or so. I really try not to eat late, and usually dinner during the weekday I'm done with my last meal by 7pm, sometimes 8pm at the latest, in order to let my food digest and my body burn a little extra.

Currently my weight is holding still, but it's better than gaining. So this week's agenda is to really lean up and eat at my scheduled times and really get in as many kick-butt work-outs as possible. I want to reach a decent weight loss # by this next weekend so that I can have my promised bagel. I have a weight goal (5 more pounds down) that I must reach before I allow myself to indulge in a multi-grain bagel w/low fat scallion cream cheese...if I don't reach it, then I will try again next week. I know it seems that I'm rewarding myself with food...which is a bad thing, but I assure you it's more of a knowing my body and how it can process such foods and how much of an allowance I can afford with those sorts of foods and how often. I think a multi-grain bagel w/low fat cream cheese every month or so is a pretty fair allowance. I don't know about you, but I remember the time I didn't even care or think about such things, and that I'd eat the whole fat version on a normal basis. I realize alot of it was just plain ignorance on my part about not knowing what I was putting into my body...and how funny I find it, that a multi-grain low-fat version is now a my mind really. You know what else is really funny, it's possible that when I do lose that next 5 lbs. I may not even want the bagel after all, but that's women's prerogative and I'll make that decision when I come to it...the fact is, that the option of eating it is there and I won't feel deprived if I decide not to have it. Ah see, now you're following me.

Now onto the next meal, my next water intake, my supplements, and the plans for the gym today. Oh and I just wanted to mention that my girls V and Rose are really doing awesome on the MDC...can you imagine what shape we'll be in next month by the end of the challenge? Smokin'!

Have a fantastic day!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I want a Bagel.

It's hard to live in NYC and not eat bagels. I was never even a bagel person until I moved here and then it took control of my senses. So many different types to indulge in...a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with just plain butter, or peanut butter, or even worse cinnamon raisin nut cream Everything Bagel with scallion cream cheese or bacon, egg & cheese on about loaded with fat and calories. Heck I'd even settle for a plain bagel toasted with butter...but no! Bagels are definitely not on my eating plan. Eventually, when I've reached a substantial weight goal, I'll allow myself a multi-grain bagel with low-fat scallion or veggie cream cheese, but until then I will avoid the carb & fat laden food for another time. It was said the other day that a regular bagel with cream cheese is equivalent to the fat and calories in 19 pieces of bacon...blech...that was enough to hold me from the temptation. Oh and the other night I had a dream about eating a jelly centered danish...what the? Seriously, my brain has been doing a number on me...and I don't even eat danishes...hardly ever...maybe one every three years...if that. In fact I think I've had a jelly centered danish about the equivalent of 5 times in my lifetime, so that's generally not my cup of tea. I'm also not a sweets craver, except for the occasional chocolate fix during that time of the month. I'm more of a salty junk eater; that's my Achilles heal, if you must know. In fact, it was junk food that got me to my heaviest of all times. I mean I practically lived on Taco Bell, Burger King, KFC, and McDonalds...not to mention the occasional sandwich shop of Quiznos & Schlotzky's. I was seriously addicted and I washed it all down with soda, generally a Dr. Pepper or a Cherry Coke. Now I never even touch fast food. I rarely even eat fried foods, much less junk foods, and if there's an option, I generally go for the baked variety of junk. Because yes, even baked chips are still crap for the body, but at least lower in saturated fats.

I haven't really discussed my eating plan for the MDC, so I'll lay it out right now. It's pretty simple and basic. Lean meats, low-glycemic veggies, legumes, and some low-fat dairy. I'm currently avoiding anything that's going to mess with the blood sugar, so that I can maintain my evenness of mood and feeling. If you've read past blogs, you may be aware of the fact that diabetes and heart disease run rampant in my family...And from experience over the years, I know that the best way to maintain a healthy body and a sound mind, is to eat foods that take time to breakdown in the system in order to keep the blood sugar even and distributing equally. So that's it...and a Bagel, does not a good choice make. Thus my avoidance of it and any other highly carb and sugar loaded goodies out there...including my beloved potatoes. I'm of German Irish decent...potatoes are in my blood...and what person doesn't love a good side of fries, mashed potatoes, hash browns, or even a simple baked potato, of course laden with lots of butter. Yeah...not idea for the blood sugar, much less the cardiovascular system that likes to keep the arteries clear for pumping blood to and from the heart. Plus the lovely side-effects of eating lean proteins and lots of green veggies, is that it makes it "easy" to lose unwanted blubber. Haha...right, "easy" planning, cooking, and eating authorized meals is easy while busting your ass at the gym. If it was easy, then the pharmaceutical companies would be out of business, everyone would be fit and healthy, and nap time would be mandatory for all Ok maybe that last one was a bit of a stretch...but wouldn't it be nice to have the option to take a nap in the middle of the day when working the corporate grind...followed by (in my case) a long night at the theatre.

Today's plan: Eat my healthy authorized meals (which I'm about to have my second meal), exercise (I think I'll either take fat-burning pilates at 12 or interval train around 2pm), coach for my upcoming competition, take my supplements, and get some much needed rest. I didn't get home until late last night due to it being Opening night of "Fanciulla del West" followed by the opening night party. I was pretty good too...I avoided all alcohol and other empty carbs like bread...instead I had a little anti-pasta and a diet coke. I love that it's called anti-pasta, because it truly pasta or generally breads involved...just an array of meats, cheeses, olives and other grilled or pickled veggies...of course I only had a little because it's generally high in fat or covered in olive oil. So I did good, because you know I really wanted to drink along with everyone else and eat my weight in bread & cheese.

The rest of the weekend will be busy with more performances, costume shoots, coachings and of course planned eating & exercise...and the avoidance of the dreaded Bagel...wish me know I'll be fine!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Day Off

I took a lovey day of "rest" from pretty much everything yesterday. Of course by rest, this means I slept for maybe an extra hour, then got up and cooked some meals for the rest of the week, took a shower and then prepared for a voice lesson. How is that a day of rest? Well considering my normal schedule, it was a pretty light day AND I took it as my day off from working-out; so I could physically rejuvenate and survive the rest of the hectic week & weekend coming up. Usually my days "off" are generally terrible in the way of eating because I'm not on such a tight schedule, but I actually did really well yesterday and ate only authorized meals. Another exciting thing happened yesterday as well, I lost another 2 lbs. which puts me below and into another weight range :D I'm getting there, and I'm not going to let up...can you imagine how much progress I can make with another 1 and a half months left on the MDC? Granted the first 2 weeks of any plan is generally the most dramatic for me in seeing generally slows up to 1-2 lbs. a week after that, which I'll happily take! That's another 6-12 lbs. possible to lose by the goal date for The Memorial Day Challenge. I do believe I will definitely be bikini ready by then and enjoying the summer in my turquoise bikini that I purchased from Victoria's Secret...hehe...I'm gonna look sooo good! Finally a summer where I may actually bare some skin...granted with lots of sunblock. I have to say that in all my adult life, I've never felt secure enough to where a bikini...I HAVE worn one, but I didn't feel confident and that's all I ask really. Thus I'm going to keep busting my @$$ in the gym and eating really clean and lean...and I will look good, feel good and be confident with my body! Besides, once I reach my final weight and/or sizing goal, I'm gonna treat myself to some lovely shopping...maybe I'll buy several bikinis...hehe...oh and a new summer dress! One that shows my arms, because I'm totally gonna be working on them. It really is exciting to be this close to my all time fitness's been a long journey, 10 years to be exact, to get to this...and I'm not gonna quit until I cross the finish line, ETA: May 26, 2008 (Memorial Day) I think Val & Rose should come to NYC to shop with me and celebrate our success & completion of the MDC...what do you think girls? Girls day out? I'll treat ya to a Mani/Pedi and you can crash at my place! Well, if you do decide to ever come up this way, my door is always open...oooh, slumber party (I know, I'm such a 12 year old.)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 2 Week 2 of The MDC

Today I'm feeling it...complete exhaustion. It's funny how you don't feel like doing anything when you've had limited sleep. However I will not let this beat me. I will not make excuses. I will continue to eat healthy, and work-out, no matter how zombified I feel. I sooo didn't want to go to the gym yesterday, but I went, and did interval training on the treadmill. I was actually surprised that I was able to do it without completely killing over or falling off the treadmill fact I felt alot better after my work-out, so there must be something said about getting the blood pumping. However I was ready to drop by the time I got home last night after our dress rehearsal...and so I did, right into bed. I don't even remember much except for taking off my boots before collapsing. These 18 hour days are rough, thank goodness this only occurs for a a couple of weeks every few months or so. Someday I'll be able to concentrate on just the opera aspect of my career and not have to work a day job in order to supplement my expenses...but until then, I will persevere...besides I'll have plenty of time to rest when I'm That's what my grandmother always says and she's in her late 80's, still living on her own and is fit as a fiddle...what a role model.

So today I'll eat my meals, take my vitamins, hit the gym at lunch, study some music, and then head to the theatre for our Preview performance of "La Fanciulla del West". I also have to try and get my actual dinner in earlier than I did yesterday. I didn't get to eat until 9:30 last night, thankfully I didn't go to bed until after midnight so it had time to digest.

Thus far I've lost 5 lbs on the MDC from last week and looking forward to another 5 this week if possible, but I'm not going to stress if it doesn't happen, I have a lot going on and will be happy with a pound or two as well.

My girls V & Rose are doing awesome as well and we're all dedicated to the challenge. As we stay the course on our chosen fitness and nutrition plans, we will find great success in the coming weeks, I just know it. Let's keep going for the rest of you, it's never to late to join.

Have a great day.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 1 Week 2 and Still Holding Strong

The weekend was pretty successful. I allowed myself one day of "rest" from my working-out on Saturday due to the ridiculous schedule of that day. On Sunday I woke up, put the pot roast on, worked-out, took a shower, went to Greenwich Village to pick up a wig for the show, and then went to the theatre to prep for a 7 hour Dress Rehearsal, then I had a vocal coaching followed by finally eating something...Oh and thank goodness I had the Pot Roast cooking on low, it was almost too done by the time I got home to turn it off...hehe...Whew! I also stuck to my diet, only eating what was authorize AND I even got all my vitamins in. Thus far I'm down 5 lbs after only one week of The MDC...I find it interesting how 5 lbs. even 10 lbs. can sneak up on you when you're not making a concentrated effort to watch you weight. Seriously, with all the shows, social events, networking, and lack of sleep these past few months, somewhere I gained a good 5 lbs...and now I have to spend the 1st two weeks of the MDC losing that which I gained, instead of progressing from my original success and recent weight low. Oh well, that's the price you pay by being fabulous...Bwahahahaha...

Now on to this week's endeavor and the attack on the 2nd week of the MDC. The first hurtle to get over, will be the fact that I didn't and won't have anytime to prepare meals for the week...I work all day from 7:30am-4:30pm and then I run to the theatre and work until 11pm or later...putting me at home by around midnight. I did make the one lean pot roast w/mixed veggies & packaged up some raw almonds for snacks during the week, but that was all I got to do. So now I'll have to be very clever and think of a healthy and affordable way to keep eating within my nutrition plan. I know I can do this, but it will be challenging. I may also decide to take a day off this week to cook, but that seems like a waste of a perfectly good vacation day, and I have very few of those left. When it comes down to it, I may end up cooking when I get home at midnight, but that doesn't allow for as much rest as I need to be getting, so I have to weigh the options and how I'm feeling when I do get home from rehearsal / performance (we have a Preview Performance tomorrow night). As for working-out...I plan on doing that with my lunch hour we're covered there, but I won't get to do my 30 Day Shred DVD this week with my crazy schedule...oh well, as long as I'm working-out, I'll be making progress.

Next week actually looks much better and I'll have an opportunity to really take control and get things started off right for week 3 of the MDC. I'll just baby step my way through this current week of hectic schedules and unplanned meals, and make the right choices as they come along. Now to get a healthy breakfast!

Have a great day.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 5 and a Friday: JOY!

Well I'm still going strong on the MDC and feeling good, although still tired and a bit zombie-ish. I know my body has just got to adjust to the extra working-out...but I don't see any rest coming up for the next week or so. The schedule is as follows: Starting tonight, I have a coaching for 2 hours after work and then I've got to do the shopping for the next week. THEN Saturday I have a birthday brunch, followed by dress rehearsal all day, followed by a performance in the Evening...& On Sunday, I have another coaching followed by an all day dress rehearsal, and then I have to go home and cook for the week. Monday is of course work all day, followed by the Orchestra Dress until probably 11pm and then Tuesday we have our Preview performance that is open to a select audience. Wednesday is work followed by Voice...and Thursday is Opening night for Fanciulla del West followed by a weekend of performances and a possible audition for La Fille du Regiment on Friday. Then I can "rest" on

So the plan is to follow the plan that I have set out for myself and take one thing as it comes. I've got my meals planned, my work-outs during the day planned, all my rehearsals, lessons and coachings planned...and I've even made allowances for whatever life may throw at me in the duration.

I also did well at my voice lesson and ladies night last night. My teacher loved my new French Aria and said that it's a keeper. I ate an authorized meal of lean steak, black beans, guacamole, lettuce and tomato...And avoided the dreaded wine that was offered....I had diet coke instead in a wine Hey ya gotta do what ya gotta do to stay festive.

Today I will continue on and eat my meals, drink my water, work-out, practice and finally get to bed and have a good 8 hours tonight. So wish me strength and perseverance and I'll wish you the same.

Stay strong and have a great day!

PS. I wanted to say that I'm so proud of my peeps and wanted to thank those who are in this with me and have been a source of encouragement. Ian, thanks for your kind words and suggestions...Monkey Puddin'. Val, you're doing an awesome job and I love hearing about your gold really puts a warm feeling in this cold Zombie Heart of mine. Rose, I love how you're tearing up the're sooo kicking ass right now! Toi, toi, toi to all on their endeavors...that's the opera way to say good luck by the way.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day 4 and Progressing

I did it...I did it...both of my work-outs were hardcore and completed! I actually went to class yesterday and did 45 minutes of Fat-Burning Pilates and then I went home after dinner with my friend and cleaned, cooked and then did my 30 Day Shred DVD. Whew...and I definitely felt both...I'm still sore, but not so bad where I can't sit down or least not yet. Don't you love the good soreness you get from a good work-out? It makes me feel alive and strong. I love the fact that my muscles are tightening up and that I can feel the activation of them in the slightest of moves.

Last night's dinner was an interesting test of will power. I picked Indian because I knew I could get meats and veggies there without being derailed by pasta or something of the like. So we ordered Chicken Tikka Mursalam (marinated chicken breast in a tomato, cream and almond sauce) with Chaan Vegetables? (Spinach, chickpeas and onions, cooked together with spices)...oh and instead of rice we ordered Dhal Cabbage (it was still pretty firm and green, not over cooked). All in all an authorized meal on my eating program and we turned away all bread & rice. I'm currently trying to avoid processed foods, anything high glycemic, empty carbs and sugars...that way my blood sugar stays pretty level and I don't get the ups & downs that causes the body to get confused and start storing away the fat.

I have to admit, I'm still Zombie Girl, and it seems to take awhile to come back to my alter ego. I was in bed by 11pm last night, but the boyfriend came home late last night, sick from some bad sushi and was up all night. This morning he had a swollen eye & a rash with some swelling on the side of his about getting ahold of some bad sushi...poor guy. I gave him some Visine for allergies and made him take a Benadryl, because it looked like an allergic reaction of some sort. Personally I never touch the stuff because I KNOW I'm allergic to all's gotten worse as the years have progressed...and it makes me wonder: I used to eat fish with out much problem...I grew up on tuna fish sandwiches and the occasional fried catfish & shrimp, and never really ever had a serious problem until the past few years. I mean I know I can't eat crab because it makes me wheezy, but shrimp and basic fish were ok...Then within the past 3 or so years, everytime I ate any fish, I'd get a tightening in the throat and air passages, and a few days later, I'd get a horrible puss filled welt that takes over a week to pop and then longer to heal...a lot of times I'd get a swollen eye, alot like Jake had this my question is: HOW TOXIC IS OUR FOOD, ESPECIALLY THE FISH & SHELLFISH WE ARE CONSUMING? The scientific community has been putting out warnings regarding the rise in mercury levels and other toxins within the food we consume, due to the industrial dumping into our water and air don't have to believe me, read what the FDA says about it here. That said, I'll continue to avoid eating it...probably the smartest thing I can do to avoid a bad reaction and weeks of recovery. Besides, I can get my omega 3 fatty acids from Flaxseed, so I'm not too worried about it.

Today's plan is to continue to eat healthy, drink my water, take my supplements, work-out, and hopefully get to bed at a decent hour. I have a full day and weekend ahead of me. Today after work, I go to my voice lesson which inevitably becomes ladies night where we drink wine and order in food. I will be there, but I will not be drinking any alcohol and I will order food that is authorized for my current nutrition plan. This weekend is full of dress rehearsals for Fanciulla del West that we're doing at Dicapo. I also have my friends Kristin & Robyn's show to go see Saturday night at the Liederkranz after rehearsal all day and a coaching on Sunday before another rehearsal. Plus I have to do all the shopping, cooking and packaging of food for the week. Infact, I think I'll start planning next week's menu and shopping list so I can get a head start. My cup runneth over...*taking deep breaths* I can do this...I can do this...I can do this...Ok Better.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 3 of The MDC

Hey Kids, so I didn't really get much rest last night...we were checking out a new apartment in an up and coming hood here in NYC, but it wasn't all it was made out to be and way to expensive for what it is. Instead I think we're going to stay put for now and negotiate terms with our Landlady (she's trying to raise the rent on us by like $150 extra bucks). Hopefully we can come to a good compromise because I really don't want to move, AND I really love my current apartment. That said, by the time I got finished seeing my friend's play last night it was after 9:30 and then I had to head over to see the apartment and didn't get home until bed time was like midnight when it was all said and done, and I was up and going at 6am this morning (wow there were a lot of ands in that sentence). So forgive any random, nonsensical writing in this blog, not like there's a difference from my other ramblings. Zombie Girl strikes again flailing arms at her nemesis...staring blankly into the eye of V and I have been having way to much fun with this Zombie Girl thing. And yes Val I think that if she tears off her appendages to throw at people they either a.) come back and reattach like a boomerang or b.) regrow in the place from which they were torn...ew! I think she probably drools a bit too, with a lovely placid complexion with hints of blue, green and an underlying of black & purple...ooh, and maybe some bone is sticking out somewhere...ok, double Hey I warned you of random ramblings.

Ok, so on to The MDC. Yesterday was I guess technically a gold star day: I did eat all of my 5 small, healthy meals, drank my water, worked-out, and I did take my supplements...but I have to say, I KNOW I can push myself even harder at the gym! So today's goal is to continue to eat clean, take my vitamins, drink my water, do more lean and healthy cooking for the week (I'm thinking of making a fun yogurt marinade for chicken)...and most importantly really have a kick-ass work-out. The plan is to a.) Take Fat-Burning Pilates class today at lunch, b.) Do 30-45 minutes on the treadmill today at lunch and then my DVD tonight to get in the strength training, or c.) Take both Fat-Burning Pilates (at lunch) and do the 30 Day Shred DVD tonight as well (this would be the most ambitious, and I will only know as I get to each really depends if I can make it to class in time). The goal of these choices is to make sure I get in some kind of strength training no just zoning out on the treadmill alone, I must do something good for my bones & muscle. Oh and I have to mention that I am good and sore from Monday's "30 Day Shred" work-out...and that was just Level 1! I can't wait to see what's at level the time I'm there, I should be in mad shape. I'm always like, a 20 minute work-out, pshaw...but it really did make a difference and I can totally feel it. My question is: You move from Level 1 to Level 2 and then Level 3 separately, but are you eventually supposed to do all 3 as a 1 hour work-out? Good question right? Well that's the goal for be able to eventually be in such great shape that I can do all 3 levels consecutively (with-out killing over)...then you know I've definitely reached an awesome level of fitness. Sorry for the shameless promotion of her DVD, but I wouldn't if I didn't find it a very useful tool. I'm so going to kill The Memorial Day Challenge!!! I'm finally going to obtain the nutrition and fitness goal that I've been wanting for so long...just wait...and I'll even give pictures at the end!

I want to note: I do like my current body and I know I've come a LONG way from the beginning of this journey to get healthy and comfortable in my skin. I think I look good and I receive a nice array of complements that reaffirm that thought. However, I know that I can be in amazing shape and I'm going to go for that last bit that lets me know that I've finally gotten there. A metaphorical "finish line" if you will. I know I will always have to eat healthy and work-out in order to have a long healthy life (assuming I don't get hit by a bus or taxi)...but I would like to finally get to a place where I can say, ok, done...all I have to do is maintain, instead of lose...and I'm sooo close, I can taste it. So who's up for ultimate success? Who's going to join me, Val & Rose for The Memorial Day Challenge? Are you ready to spend the next few months getting into great shape and losing unwanted, unhealthy flab? We'd love to have you.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On to Day 2

Day 1 was successful, even though I was going through the day like zombie girl of outer Angola. I must say that today isn't much better in the rest category. I have to remember that I'll be tired this first week or so until my body adjusts to the change in diet and the extra working-out. The key is to continue to take my vitamins, drink tons of water, and get to bed early, so that I don't get sick. It was mentioned to me that my body is also detoxing due to the crappy eating I did this past month and now that I'm eating wholesome foods, my body is pumping out the left over garbage that is left. I had a nagging headache last night and feel a bit run down, but what do I expect when I treat my body in such a neglected manner.

On the positive side, I treated my body very well yesterday. I ate my 5 small meals/snacks, drank my water, took my vitamins, did a 45 minute work-out on the treadmill at lunch and a 20 minute work-out with my new DVD, that mixes strength training, cardio & abs , when I got home last night. I also went to bed early and got about 8 hours I'm back on track...still tired but truckin' along. Today is more of the same: I will have my 5 healthy meals, drink my water, take my vitamins, work-out and get to bed at a reasonable hour...what more could you ask. Oh and in the midst of all that, tonight I still have to get a vocal coaching in, polish rep for an upcoming competition, learn a new French Aria and go to the preview performance of my friend Rebecca's play that opens off-Broadway tomorrow night. Whew my work is never done, but that's ok, I can totally do this. I've got my handy-dandy planner and everything is scheduled and thing at a time.

So now I'm off to read more of my new nutrition/fitness book, study my french aria and do my job here at work as well...hehe...I just don't understand why I'm so tired?

Have a great, and productive day,