Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On to Day 2

Day 1 was successful, even though I was going through the day like zombie girl of outer Angola. I must say that today isn't much better in the rest category. I have to remember that I'll be tired this first week or so until my body adjusts to the change in diet and the extra working-out. The key is to continue to take my vitamins, drink tons of water, and get to bed early, so that I don't get sick. It was mentioned to me that my body is also detoxing due to the crappy eating I did this past month and now that I'm eating wholesome foods, my body is pumping out the left over garbage that is left. I had a nagging headache last night and feel a bit run down, but what do I expect when I treat my body in such a neglected manner.

On the positive side, I treated my body very well yesterday. I ate my 5 small meals/snacks, drank my water, took my vitamins, did a 45 minute work-out on the treadmill at lunch and a 20 minute work-out with my new DVD, that mixes strength training, cardio & abs , when I got home last night. I also went to bed early and got about 8 hours sleep...so I'm back on track...still tired but truckin' along. Today is more of the same: I will have my 5 healthy meals, drink my water, take my vitamins, work-out and get to bed at a reasonable hour...what more could you ask. Oh and in the midst of all that, tonight I still have to get a vocal coaching in, polish rep for an upcoming competition, learn a new French Aria and go to the preview performance of my friend Rebecca's play that opens off-Broadway tomorrow night. Whew my work is never done, but that's ok, I can totally do this. I've got my handy-dandy planner and everything is scheduled and running...one thing at a time.

So now I'm off to read more of my new nutrition/fitness book, study my french aria and do my job here at work as well...hehe...I just don't understand why I'm so tired?

Have a great, and productive day,


dietbook said...

Ooh, Zombie Girl was always my FAVORITE superhero, cause I could, like, TOTALLY be her. :-) It was an attainable goal...

Seriously though...yeah, it'll be a little while before you feel great again prob'ly. I was stunned at how weak and tired I was last night...my workout was waaaaay harder than it should have been. But we shall overcome!

The detoxing thing is very true I think. There's a lot of stored sugar and crap in our systems, I imagine (that's the technical explanation, thank you very mooch) so let's just be patient with ourselves.

And I especially like the lots of sleep angle. That's something I keep having to remind myself to build in. (HAH!) Very important but always the first thing to be sacrificed to the ever-demanding Time Gods... ;-(

Well, today's another day. Have a wonderful one!


Rose said...

Great Job Yesterday!!!! Way to Kick it off right!

Hopefully you'll start to feel 'normal' again soon!

I'm excited to join you two on the MDC and I'm working my way forward on your old posts and loving them so far :D


BeckStein said...

YAY ROSE...I'm so glad you're joining us on the challenge. This will be so much fun and we'll be able to keep each other accountable.

Yes V we shall overcome and we'll kick@$$ as we're doing it! Go Girl Power! I wonder if there are any boys out there that want to join?

dietbook said...

LOL..nah, the boys are all ascairt of us Zombie Girl superpeople. :-)

Okay, I'm giggling now...imagining what Zombie Girl's powers might be. Would she defeat supervillians by flinging her decaying limbs at them? But of course they would reattach. Or maybe she can shamble at the speed of light?

I needed a giggle. That did it for me. Though it was also a little nauseating...


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