Monday, April 21, 2008

Treading Water & Retaining It!

I totally gave into PMS Temptation this weekend! I had that bagel I've been wanting, even though I didn't lose the 5 lbs. that I said I had to before I allowed myself "said bagel" (instead I'm up 4 lbs...blarg!) Yet being a woman and knowing it's the week into my cycle (ETA Thursday) I realize, thanks to help from my "sane" fellow bloggers / friends, that I am indeed retaining water. I'm sooo bloated too...I'm in the "beached whale" frame of mind right now, but what's a girl to do, but to wait it out and let it pass. I also had fried chicken & french fries twice, & 2 chocolate milk shakes this someone say overboard? The good thing is that I didn't ingest more than those in calories, because of lack of time or interest to eat beyond that. It took me 4 hours on Friday night to even eat the chicken fingers with french fries...and I split it with my friend Kristin, so it wasn't as bad as I'm making it out to be, even though it's still fried and pretty bad in itself...Oh but the chocolate milkshakes were all me and soooo worth it...mmm. I can happily say I'm satiated for the next few weeks, or maybe until next month when PMS hits again...we'll see. I decided that a few unauthorized meals weren't going to kill me, but infact may be just exactly what I needed to get my weight to go the other way down the scale. Since the healthy eating and the working-out stopped showing results, I decided to shock my system by changing it up a bit and then shocking it again by going back to the healthy eating. Hopefully it will kick-start my body back into burn & weight loss mode. The other good thing that came out of eating like crap this weekend was the reminder of how crappy I feel when I eat that way...yep: Crap in Crap out...

Today's plan is to eat lean, work-out (twice if time allows), drink my water (much needed especially this time of the month), take my vitamins (my immune system is definitely feeling under) and stay focused and positive! I can totally do this and I still have 6 weeks to really finish The Memorial Day Challenge strong.

I also looked over my past logs and found places that I could lean up even eating more egg whites instead of whole eggs, or going for turkey burger patties instead of beef. Granted that my diet does allow whole eggs and lean beef, but my caloric intake is probably higher than it should be according to the formula. I should only be taking in around 1431 calories a day in order to lose weight, even with my when eating 5-6 meals a day, you have to be really careful with the amount of calories in each meal...and I think the slight alterations to what I'm consuming will help. I've already had 500 calories today in my first 2 meals, so I can have a good 900 more calories...that could be a little or a lot depending on what choices I make...and veggies are not only delicious, but generally low in calories. So I'm thinking perhaps a roasted chicken breast and some yummy broccoli for dinner, 15 raw almonds for a mid-day snack (high in fat, but it's good fat and only 104 calories) and a nice 0% Greek yogurt for my after dinner snack around 7ish. That should keep me well fed and well within my caloric goal for the day.

Ok, so I've got a plan and now its time to execute it...Let's get to work!



dietbook said...

You go, Bex! Your attitude rocks. :-)

I told you I'd be with you this week. The doctor's scale this morning showed me up three pounds. Gah. But you know, I'm okay with that. The weekend wasn't great and the PMS Fairy has DEFINITELY been sprinkling her crappy dust around so it'll all work out eventually. :-)

One of the best effects of eating well most of the time is that when you do go a little nuts, you don't want to eat agani for a LONG time. :-) I'm totally with you all the way.

We'll kick butt this week even if we are feeling a bit blubbery. And hopefully this is just the boost we needed!


Your Fellow Beached Whale, V.

Rose said...

Agreed... attitude is half the battle (I think).

I think giving into PMS temptation is actually the way to go... because if I don't then I'm just letting a psycho loose, not fun :)

Just listen to your body and you'll be good to go!


BeckStein said...

Ah thanks girls...I was so worried I let you down. I really appretiate all the sympathetic understanding...and I think it's hilarious that V & I are on the same crimson wave...ha.

You do have to give in every now and then to cravings or you'll crack and probably do worse by going hog wild, or atleast I do. I'm glad I gave myself the weekend off...I really needed it. Now to the rest of the MDC...I can survive 6 more weeks.

I love you girls soooo much!



BeckStein said...

Oh and I really need to learn to spell

fortissimezzo said...

last cycle for me was awful. i retained sooooooooooooo much water. all my clothes were stretched to the max. but them right before i started all the water left through my bladder. it was really weird. suddenly every 15 minutes i was in the bathroom for about 3 hours. i went to bed and the next morning my clothes were back to normal. never happened before. it was really weird.

Rose said...

Bex... I forgot to tell you... the music project is to write a paper about an artist that helped define a genre (I picked Run DMC, mostly because it meant that I could dance around to their music while writing) and analyze their music (lyrics, instrumentation, vocalization, beat, rhythm etc.)... the other piece which is separate is to compose some pieces based on her guidelines (like the key, meter, etc.) but I've played the piano since six so I kept procrastinating since I figured they'd take me like two hours tops... WRONG lol but I'm almost done :)

(Hope today is better than yesterday!)