Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 1 Week 3 of the MDC

Warning: This blog contains some serious rambling, run-on sentences, and not to mention, the occasional made up word; proceed at your own discretion.

I avoided the dreaded bagel all weekend and feel that I've currently conquered the doughy bread product. However, I have found that when I'm in production and up to my own time management on the weekends, I suck at eating enough food. I find myself always getting a decent healthy breakfast, but lunch and dinner are generally an afterthought of, oh yeah, I need to eat something. In fact, I practically live on decaf coffee the whole time...Not the greatest, and definitely not enough calories, and I end up having to eat late in order to get a meal in after performance...and I'm usually starving by then. Saturday I had eggs and turkey bacon, followed by decaf coffee, followed by decaf coffee, followed by a burger patty and a Greek salad, followed by decaf then around 11:30 pm I had a roasted chicken breast and water. Sunday was a lovely brunch of a french rolled omelet w/fresh herbs, asparagus & goat cheese with a lovely mixed green salad and some apple bacon, followed by decaf coffee, followed by decaf coffee, and finally a lovely Cuban dinner of roasted garlic chicken, pork, beans, spinach and some guacamole salad...this was all shared with my dinner guests of course and around 10:00 pm or so. I really try not to eat late, and usually dinner during the weekday I'm done with my last meal by 7pm, sometimes 8pm at the latest, in order to let my food digest and my body burn a little extra.

Currently my weight is holding still, but it's better than gaining. So this week's agenda is to really lean up and eat at my scheduled times and really get in as many kick-butt work-outs as possible. I want to reach a decent weight loss # by this next weekend so that I can have my promised bagel. I have a weight goal (5 more pounds down) that I must reach before I allow myself to indulge in a multi-grain bagel w/low fat scallion cream cheese...if I don't reach it, then I will try again next week. I know it seems that I'm rewarding myself with food...which is a bad thing, but I assure you it's more of a knowing my body and how it can process such foods and how much of an allowance I can afford with those sorts of foods and how often. I think a multi-grain bagel w/low fat cream cheese every month or so is a pretty fair allowance. I don't know about you, but I remember the time I didn't even care or think about such things, and that I'd eat the whole fat version on a normal basis. I realize alot of it was just plain ignorance on my part about not knowing what I was putting into my body...and how funny I find it, that a multi-grain low-fat version is now a my mind really. You know what else is really funny, it's possible that when I do lose that next 5 lbs. I may not even want the bagel after all, but that's women's prerogative and I'll make that decision when I come to it...the fact is, that the option of eating it is there and I won't feel deprived if I decide not to have it. Ah see, now you're following me.

Now onto the next meal, my next water intake, my supplements, and the plans for the gym today. Oh and I just wanted to mention that my girls V and Rose are really doing awesome on the MDC...can you imagine what shape we'll be in next month by the end of the challenge? Smokin'!

Have a fantastic day!

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dietbook said...

LOL...I love your "warning"! I should probably put that in the header on my blog, to apply to EVERY post. :-)

I think you're doing great. It is so hard to be healthy when you're so busy. Also, you're probably still not getting much sleep, and you know that will make you hold on to a few pounds. Once you get some rest, you may see a sudden drop.

Either way, you're doing awesomely. And I don't think you're rewarding yourself with food - you're postponing eating something until you know that it won't do your weight loss any damage. :-)