Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 3 of The MDC

Hey Kids, so I didn't really get much rest last night...we were checking out a new apartment in an up and coming hood here in NYC, but it wasn't all it was made out to be and way to expensive for what it is. Instead I think we're going to stay put for now and negotiate terms with our Landlady (she's trying to raise the rent on us by like $150 extra bucks). Hopefully we can come to a good compromise because I really don't want to move, AND I really love my current apartment. That said, by the time I got finished seeing my friend's play last night it was after 9:30 and then I had to head over to see the apartment and didn't get home until bed time was like midnight when it was all said and done, and I was up and going at 6am this morning (wow there were a lot of ands in that sentence). So forgive any random, nonsensical writing in this blog, not like there's a difference from my other ramblings. Zombie Girl strikes again flailing arms at her nemesis...staring blankly into the eye of V and I have been having way to much fun with this Zombie Girl thing. And yes Val I think that if she tears off her appendages to throw at people they either a.) come back and reattach like a boomerang or b.) regrow in the place from which they were torn...ew! I think she probably drools a bit too, with a lovely placid complexion with hints of blue, green and an underlying of black & purple...ooh, and maybe some bone is sticking out somewhere...ok, double Hey I warned you of random ramblings.

Ok, so on to The MDC. Yesterday was I guess technically a gold star day: I did eat all of my 5 small, healthy meals, drank my water, worked-out, and I did take my supplements...but I have to say, I KNOW I can push myself even harder at the gym! So today's goal is to continue to eat clean, take my vitamins, drink my water, do more lean and healthy cooking for the week (I'm thinking of making a fun yogurt marinade for chicken)...and most importantly really have a kick-ass work-out. The plan is to a.) Take Fat-Burning Pilates class today at lunch, b.) Do 30-45 minutes on the treadmill today at lunch and then my DVD tonight to get in the strength training, or c.) Take both Fat-Burning Pilates (at lunch) and do the 30 Day Shred DVD tonight as well (this would be the most ambitious, and I will only know as I get to each really depends if I can make it to class in time). The goal of these choices is to make sure I get in some kind of strength training no just zoning out on the treadmill alone, I must do something good for my bones & muscle. Oh and I have to mention that I am good and sore from Monday's "30 Day Shred" work-out...and that was just Level 1! I can't wait to see what's at level the time I'm there, I should be in mad shape. I'm always like, a 20 minute work-out, pshaw...but it really did make a difference and I can totally feel it. My question is: You move from Level 1 to Level 2 and then Level 3 separately, but are you eventually supposed to do all 3 as a 1 hour work-out? Good question right? Well that's the goal for be able to eventually be in such great shape that I can do all 3 levels consecutively (with-out killing over)...then you know I've definitely reached an awesome level of fitness. Sorry for the shameless promotion of her DVD, but I wouldn't if I didn't find it a very useful tool. I'm so going to kill The Memorial Day Challenge!!! I'm finally going to obtain the nutrition and fitness goal that I've been wanting for so long...just wait...and I'll even give pictures at the end!

I want to note: I do like my current body and I know I've come a LONG way from the beginning of this journey to get healthy and comfortable in my skin. I think I look good and I receive a nice array of complements that reaffirm that thought. However, I know that I can be in amazing shape and I'm going to go for that last bit that lets me know that I've finally gotten there. A metaphorical "finish line" if you will. I know I will always have to eat healthy and work-out in order to have a long healthy life (assuming I don't get hit by a bus or taxi)...but I would like to finally get to a place where I can say, ok, done...all I have to do is maintain, instead of lose...and I'm sooo close, I can taste it. So who's up for ultimate success? Who's going to join me, Val & Rose for The Memorial Day Challenge? Are you ready to spend the next few months getting into great shape and losing unwanted, unhealthy flab? We'd love to have you.

Have a great day!



dietbook said...

Okay, I SO have to get the DVD. It sounds a lot like the website workouts only probably even harder.

If it's structured like the website, then you move up the levels as you progress but don't do them consecutively...but that may not be the case. I have GOT to get it and try it now. :-)

(Have I mentioned I heart the Jillian?)

I hope you don't have to move. Or if you do you find something really awesome. Home hunting is sort of fun if you aren't in a hurry but it sucks if you are. :-(

I think Zombie Girl's blank stare is actually one of her's like a laser or something. And her drool is acid probably. MWAHAHAHA.

Congrats on a great day and some killer goals! But you know, not literally killer I hope. Just moderately brutal! :-)


Ian said...

proud at ya chicklette! as for the DVD...Jillian is so hot! one of the only reasons i watch Biggest loser. :)

Shauna said...

Your ramblings rule :)

I randomly bought that DVD yesterday as I've been listening to Jillian's podcast ad nauseum... so glad to hear it's a goodun!

BeckStein said...

Yeah Shauna, it is a lovely DVD...Surprising the sweat I worked up and the soreness I'm experiencing from just 20 minutes. She's got a mad body and you know she worked for it.

Yes V, lasers and evil and so loving it! And I bet the DVD is alot like your webcast, it would be interesting to know how the differ?

Thanks Ian, your encouragement counts, Jillian is hot, and "monkey puddin'"

Rose said...


You're awesome!!!

P.S. I stayed up wayyyyy too late last night reading all your posts... love them! I think you're doing great.