Wednesday, April 16, 2008

W3/D4? I'm So Tired!

My monthly friend seems to becoming next week and I'm already feeling the effects. Not to mention my lack of rest is starting to really wear on I've gained a lovely 2 lbs. to offset the 7 I lost...CRAP! Ok, so I really have to kick it up a notch. I know I can work-out harder, eat even leaner, and by darned get some freakin' sleep!...Oh, and I must eat sooner. I found myself eating a little late for comfort last night...I should be done by 8pm not starting to eat at 8pm...7pm is even better, because that gives my food enough time to digest so that I can work-out and then wind down for bedtime. It doesn't help that I'm woken up before 5am every morning so that the boyfriend can go to work...blech! (I really hope he sleeps in tomorrow...ugh.) I've got to come up with a better arrangement, this being woken up and our crappy schedules that seem to conflict are really taking a toll on me and my sleeping patterns (and I'm sure his).

Today I plan on going to my fat-burning pilates class at 12pm and tonight is voice and "Ladies Night" at my teacher's house. I plan on getting home by 9pm, hopping in the shower and then hitting the sheets...I should be in bed by 10pm if it works-out well...even if I get to bed by 11pm it's still a possible 7 hours of sleep. Ah, sleep, I really, really, really need that. Oh and tomorrow I have to have a Biometrics screening here at's to keep our health insurance premiums down...yeah, right! I feel confident that I'll do well though...I've been eating right and working-out for sometime now and I feel that I fall under the category of healthy (but you never know what could happen).

Sorry if I'm rambling...that seems to be one of Zombie Girl's special powers...nonsensical ramblings.

Have a great day!



Rose said...

There's way too much PMS going around (like it's a disease lol). Those two pounds don't count because of TOM anyway (stupid TOM).

Good luck on the screening tomorrow, and though I'm sure you're healthy, you're well on your way to becoming 'super healthy' anyway!

Go to sleep Zombie Girl!


Cory Drake said...

could the two pounds be from water weight pre- PMS said the unknowing boy?

dietbook said...

Ugh. The two pounds are definitely phantom pounds. PMS water retention plus insufficient sleep ALWAYS equals a couple extra BS pounds. You've been working WAY too hard for them to be anything like real!

Just get as much rest as you can, drink the water and watch the salt and you know they'll be gone as soon as that nasty monthly intruder leaves, if not before. (I've heard that the third day after you start your period is when you are rid of all the excess fluid and whatnot. Not sure if it's true, but it sounds logical.)

Hang in there. You are doing EVERYTHING right, you just need some rest. And remember all this to tell me next week when it's MY turn. Just in time for the doctor's visit, no doubt! :-)