Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day 4 and Progressing

I did it...I did it...both of my work-outs were hardcore and completed! I actually went to class yesterday and did 45 minutes of Fat-Burning Pilates and then I went home after dinner with my friend and cleaned, cooked and then did my 30 Day Shred DVD. Whew...and I definitely felt both...I'm still sore, but not so bad where I can't sit down or least not yet. Don't you love the good soreness you get from a good work-out? It makes me feel alive and strong. I love the fact that my muscles are tightening up and that I can feel the activation of them in the slightest of moves.

Last night's dinner was an interesting test of will power. I picked Indian because I knew I could get meats and veggies there without being derailed by pasta or something of the like. So we ordered Chicken Tikka Mursalam (marinated chicken breast in a tomato, cream and almond sauce) with Chaan Vegetables? (Spinach, chickpeas and onions, cooked together with spices)...oh and instead of rice we ordered Dhal Cabbage (it was still pretty firm and green, not over cooked). All in all an authorized meal on my eating program and we turned away all bread & rice. I'm currently trying to avoid processed foods, anything high glycemic, empty carbs and sugars...that way my blood sugar stays pretty level and I don't get the ups & downs that causes the body to get confused and start storing away the fat.

I have to admit, I'm still Zombie Girl, and it seems to take awhile to come back to my alter ego. I was in bed by 11pm last night, but the boyfriend came home late last night, sick from some bad sushi and was up all night. This morning he had a swollen eye & a rash with some swelling on the side of his about getting ahold of some bad sushi...poor guy. I gave him some Visine for allergies and made him take a Benadryl, because it looked like an allergic reaction of some sort. Personally I never touch the stuff because I KNOW I'm allergic to all's gotten worse as the years have progressed...and it makes me wonder: I used to eat fish with out much problem...I grew up on tuna fish sandwiches and the occasional fried catfish & shrimp, and never really ever had a serious problem until the past few years. I mean I know I can't eat crab because it makes me wheezy, but shrimp and basic fish were ok...Then within the past 3 or so years, everytime I ate any fish, I'd get a tightening in the throat and air passages, and a few days later, I'd get a horrible puss filled welt that takes over a week to pop and then longer to heal...a lot of times I'd get a swollen eye, alot like Jake had this my question is: HOW TOXIC IS OUR FOOD, ESPECIALLY THE FISH & SHELLFISH WE ARE CONSUMING? The scientific community has been putting out warnings regarding the rise in mercury levels and other toxins within the food we consume, due to the industrial dumping into our water and air don't have to believe me, read what the FDA says about it here. That said, I'll continue to avoid eating it...probably the smartest thing I can do to avoid a bad reaction and weeks of recovery. Besides, I can get my omega 3 fatty acids from Flaxseed, so I'm not too worried about it.

Today's plan is to continue to eat healthy, drink my water, take my supplements, work-out, and hopefully get to bed at a decent hour. I have a full day and weekend ahead of me. Today after work, I go to my voice lesson which inevitably becomes ladies night where we drink wine and order in food. I will be there, but I will not be drinking any alcohol and I will order food that is authorized for my current nutrition plan. This weekend is full of dress rehearsals for Fanciulla del West that we're doing at Dicapo. I also have my friends Kristin & Robyn's show to go see Saturday night at the Liederkranz after rehearsal all day and a coaching on Sunday before another rehearsal. Plus I have to do all the shopping, cooking and packaging of food for the week. Infact, I think I'll start planning next week's menu and shopping list so I can get a head start. My cup runneth over...*taking deep breaths* I can do this...I can do this...I can do this...Ok Better.

Have a great day,


Ian said...

pace yourself and take time to just close your eyes and relax. Remember, this is what you wanted and no one is more suited for this lifestyle than you. Keep it up!

dietbook said...

Holy carp, Bex (sorry, bad seafood pun there but I couldn't resist!). You kicked BUTT! Can you still move today?!?

I gotta get the DVD. Okay, I just talked myself into going to get it at lunch. I'm getting to the point that I'm having trouble motivating myself to do all of my circuits...I'm doing it, but it's a little like drudgery sometimes. Which means it's time to switch. The DVD may be just the thing.

Okay, there it is! You offically motivated me to get off my arse today! Thanks, Bex! :-)


dietbook said...

Oh and BTW I LOVE your picture! Absolutely gorgeous!


Rose said...

You motivated me too! I think you're doing so well!

You know, I love novels, so of course I loved your comment ;)

I'm done with the alcohol for the rest of this thing, I can have fun without it lol. I am working out hard, and it feels so good to do so and it makes the whole day better and the eating better as well. I do log everything I eat, but... sometimes I won't do it till the end of the day when I know I'm eating junky things so I don't have to face the actual numbers. I'm working on logging after every meal to avoid that. I love order and organization too so I like having all of it on spark. I even text message myself what I ate if I'm away from a computer so I can accurately log it later.

I forgot to thank you for adding me to your blogroll... I feel honored!

Hope you have a great voice lesson and resist the temptations, but I know you totally can!

<3 Rose

P.S. The twins are fighting over who can eat the most apples today. How cute is that? We should learn a lesson from them!

Rose said...

(now I left you a novel lol!)