Monday, August 31, 2009

Back on the Blog

I know, I know...I've been terribly neglectful to this poor old blog, but things are about to change. I'm going to utilize the "Not a Fat Opera Singer" blog for exactly what it indicates...the not fat part and the opera singing. Let me catch you up with the goings-on's in my life.

Opera: I received a last minute contract from Dicapo Opera to cover Harriet Mosher and perform in the women's ensemble in their new production of Tobias Picker's "Emmeline". We will perform in NYC from Sept. 10-13 and then take the show to Szeged, Hungary to perform in the Mezzo Television Opera Festival & Competition Nov. 15 & 16. In December, I will sing my first Musetta in La Boheme with Opera Manhattan and I'm up for several other contracts with other companies for the rest of the year, but am waiting to hear back on those.

Weight Loss: I've lost 10 of the almost 30 lbs. I gained last winter, and now I will lose the remaining 20. Now that my toes have healed (oh yeah, I had some toe mis-haps, fractures, toenail issues...long story) I will start my cardio and sculpting regiment and will continue to keep my diet lean, clean and pumping (I've gone organic and gave up sodas and chemicals). The plan is to do a daily log on here to keep myself honest and accountable. I have to admit that when I keep a journal, I keep the weight really seems to help. So, here goes...sorry if it's TMI and a bit boring, but at least you know I'm being proactive about it ;)

Starting weight 156.5 lbs. (ugh!)

8:00 am - 0% Greek yogurt w/packet of Stevia (90 calories)

Herbal Tea (Lemon Rose) & Water

Supplements - Calcium w/D (1200 mg-calcium, 200 IU-vitamin D, 10 calories), Potassium Gluconate (595 mg ), Trader Darwin's Women's Multivitamin

11:20 am - 15 Sundried Almonds (105 calories), 3 organic prunes (60 calories), & some organic baked cherries (54 calories)


1:40 pm - Organic Quinoa (127 calories) & Organic Red Beans (110 calories)


2:30 pm - Workout: Guerilla Cardio, 30 minutes on treadmill (5 minutes warm-up, 20 minutes HIIT in 1 minute intervals, 5 minutes cool down) Highest Heart Rate 181, fastest running pace 7.0, lowest walk pace 3.5

4:30 pm - Organic Quinoa (127 calories) & Organic Red Beans (110 calories)


5:45 pm - Grande Decaf coffee w/skim milk and some 1/2 & 1/2 (220 calories)

6:45 pm -1 orange (62 calories) & 2 oz. raw organic cheddar cheese (220 calories)

7:45 pm - 2 cups organic skim milk(180 calories)

End of Day Stats:

Total of 1413 calories

Total of 13,000 Steps Today

Have a great day folks.