Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Breaking Through

Today marks breaking the 20 lb. loss.  Since I went home to Texas in Aug/Sep and realizing I needed a definite change, I have done it.  I've changed my habits and eating and found great success in what I am doing (wow that was alot of "ands").  I'm really a fan of the paleo way of eating.  I feel energetic, healthy, and finally thin again...all this just from my diet.  I would like to drop a little more and now sculpt my bod (that's right...I've still got my eye on the prize...bikini model  I've been avoiding the gym the past couple of months in an effort to balance the crazy schedule I keep and I am now at a point, now that my latest show is done, where I can really focus on getting back into my gym habit.  I know, why did I get out of the habit?  With the stress of flying back and forth to TX in order to spend time with my brother-in-law James and deal with his cancer, then his funeral, and taking on rehearsals, performance and producership, on top of a break-up with my boyfriend of 3 years...I felt that something had to give, so I let it be the gym.  I tend to really overdue things, especially when I'm in a show, and so this time I decided to just focus on eating healthy and to do everything I can to avoid getting sick.  SUCCESS!  I dealt with all the hard life issues, and my performances were fantastic.  I have to say, it's been a really challenging past couple of months, but I feel that if I can get through these trying times, I can get through anything.  I'm actually surprised that I was able to stick to eating clean for the majority these past few months.  It really shows growth within my psyche, because normally I would self-medicate with food to get through adversity and stress.  I think focusing on the good eating actually helped me through all the crap I was dealing with, and I have to say that I've come out on the otherside for the better.

A few tricks of the trade for my successful weight loss so far.  I will put it down here so that I can come back and review when I need:

1.  Eat something first thing in the morning.  Generally I find a piece of fruit and/or some almonds in the morning are a great way to start out.

2.  Eat a good solid meal for lunch.  I'm usually famished by 2pm when my lunch hour roles around, so I make sure my "biggest" meal of the day is at this time...definitely have some good protein and lots of veggies here.

3.  Snack, snack, snack...I always have almonds or a piece of fruit (apple) on me so when I do feel hungry, I can just have a quick bite...keeps me from eating bad or being tempted later.

4.  My last meal of the day is usually before 7pm...THIS is so crucial to my weight loss.  It gives me enough time to burn the calories before I wind down for the evening.  And eat absolutely nothing but water after 9pm.

5.  Tea...since you're off dairy on the Paleo Diet, I found that replacing my coffee with tea accelerated my weight loss in a way.  I drink tons of green tea actually...but try to cut it off before 3pm if you can or you may find yourself unable to sleep later.

6.  Be active.  Even though I've not been hitting the gym, I do live an active lifestyle with such a hectic schedule that I keep...and I do live in NYC, so I walk everywhere.  I really do love to's a great way to take in everything around you and unwind all at the same time.

On that note, I'm going to have a cup of tea and get ready for the Holiday weekend.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy all that you have around you.

All my best,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Continued Success

So, the eating clean really pays off.  I'm feeling great and have been seeing lovely results.  Basically 20 lbs. down...would like to go another 10-20 more.  It's hard to gage, especially when you add weight training in there.  If you lose fat but gain can't really go by the scale.  I hear Jillian Michaels weighs more than she looks, all that fantastic condensed muscle on that petite frame...fantastic.  So who really knows, I can just wait and see how my clothes fit and how I look in a bikini  ;)  That's the goal, as always, hot bikini  I think it's fun to have an ultimate goal...don't you.  What's yours?  Have you visualized what you want for yourself?  Let's are my goals:

1.  Hot bikini bod by January. (Beat the New Years rush) - this includes working-out at least 4 days a week.
2.  Raise $50,000 for OMRT productions by January. (I'd settle for 1/2 by January and the other 1/2 by June)...if you'd like to help me reach that goal AND get a TAX DEDUCTION before the end of the year, you can donate at the following link:
3.  Take a tropical, relaxing and fun vacation this year...again  January would be ideal.
4.  Purge my apartment and life of unnecessary items...and ORGANIZE everything!
5.  Learn, I mean really learn Italian!  Would love to speak it rather proficiently.
6.  Get a head start on next year's season for OMRT.  (i.e. Budget, Venues, Marketing, Fundraising)
7.  Follow-up with all networking contacts made this year and establish friendly, comfortable relationships.

I could keep listing, but we'll start with these.

The big Wagner, Verdi & Vodka Gala at Merkin Hall was a great success...we had a lovely turnout and everyone had an amazing time.  All the feedback was positive and exciting.  I'm thinking that we will surely have something good come out of all this.

La Boheme is next on the agenda.  It promises to be an intimate, young, sexy and powerful production.  I perform Musetta on the evenings of Nov. 13th & 19th and the afternoon of Nov. 21st...I hope you can come out and support the company...and of course see me do my thing...I promise that you will truly be moved and entertained!

Alright, speaking of...I have some Italian work to do before rehearsal tonight.

Oh...btw, I've included another article on Gluten...hope you enjoy the read:

All the best.