Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Continued Success

So, the eating clean really pays off.  I'm feeling great and have been seeing lovely results.  Basically 20 lbs. down...would like to go another 10-20 more.  It's hard to gage, especially when you add weight training in there.  If you lose fat but gain can't really go by the scale.  I hear Jillian Michaels weighs more than she looks, all that fantastic condensed muscle on that petite frame...fantastic.  So who really knows, I can just wait and see how my clothes fit and how I look in a bikini  ;)  That's the goal, as always, hot bikini  I think it's fun to have an ultimate goal...don't you.  What's yours?  Have you visualized what you want for yourself?  Let's are my goals:

1.  Hot bikini bod by January. (Beat the New Years rush) - this includes working-out at least 4 days a week.
2.  Raise $50,000 for OMRT productions by January. (I'd settle for 1/2 by January and the other 1/2 by June)...if you'd like to help me reach that goal AND get a TAX DEDUCTION before the end of the year, you can donate at the following link:
3.  Take a tropical, relaxing and fun vacation this year...again  January would be ideal.
4.  Purge my apartment and life of unnecessary items...and ORGANIZE everything!
5.  Learn, I mean really learn Italian!  Would love to speak it rather proficiently.
6.  Get a head start on next year's season for OMRT.  (i.e. Budget, Venues, Marketing, Fundraising)
7.  Follow-up with all networking contacts made this year and establish friendly, comfortable relationships.

I could keep listing, but we'll start with these.

The big Wagner, Verdi & Vodka Gala at Merkin Hall was a great success...we had a lovely turnout and everyone had an amazing time.  All the feedback was positive and exciting.  I'm thinking that we will surely have something good come out of all this.

La Boheme is next on the agenda.  It promises to be an intimate, young, sexy and powerful production.  I perform Musetta on the evenings of Nov. 13th & 19th and the afternoon of Nov. 21st...I hope you can come out and support the company...and of course see me do my thing...I promise that you will truly be moved and entertained!

Alright, speaking of...I have some Italian work to do before rehearsal tonight.

Oh...btw, I've included another article on Gluten...hope you enjoy the read:

All the best.


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