Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Back to the here and now, oh yeah...

I've been neglecting my poor blog and myself for quite awhile lately.  My projects have taken over my life, and while I give everything to these endeavors, I haven't given enough to myself....thus, I'm going backwards in my health and fitness.  No Bueno!  So here I am...20 lbs heavier than I was 6 months ago and feeling physically weak and out of control of my body.  OK!  Time to take back control and do more for myself, because without my health and my functionality, then nothing else can function.  A vicious circle, I know!

A little background of what's been going on.  I am not sorry for all the work I've put into my companies.  I've gone from Opera Singer to Opera Producer / Impresario / Director / yadayadayada...add Follies Burlesque Performer / Producer and we've got my current career path.  Thus I'd like to introduce you to Opera Moderne and The Hot Box Girls!  My two lovely production companies and my babies.  As you know with every new baby, there's some baby weight, but now it's time to become a fit mother (in more ways than one).

As a producer, I'm pretty good at scheduling and making a plan of action.  Not only that, but as a successful producer, I have proven that I can carry out said "plan of action" and that's exactly what I plan on doing here!

Plan of Action:

1.  Change mindset from comfort food eating and cheats to wholesome, body healing foods!
2.  Eat wholesome, healthy foods.
3.  Move more.  (Yes it's winter, but get out there...anywhere...just move.)
4.  Integrate regular exercise back into your daily life.
5. Log all foods and activities.
6. Get in 8 glasses of water a day.
7. Cut the chemicals (unfortunately, this means my diet soda addiction...eek!)
8. Get in some natural and healthy supplements like fresh green juice and Wellness Formula.
9.  Eat more raw veggies!
10.  Find a way to stay motivates.  (I think this is the hardest for anyone...consistency is key!!!)

I think that's a pretty good start...did I forget anything?  Please feel free to chime in if you have thoughts on keeping motivated.  When I blog and log my efforts, it seems to help keep me on track of my goals.

Today's weight:  161.5 (ugh)

Breakfast:  Egg white Omelet w/spinach, tomato & feta
                 Coffee w/half & half

so far so good...

and yummy!!!

Have a Great Day and stay motivated!