Thursday, June 26, 2008


5 lbs. gone and I’m feeling good. TOM is pretty light and hasn’t been too bad this month, so no complaints. Our internet at work has had its surf control updated and we’re blocked from all kinds of internet use. I can’t blog as much due to big brother watching and reporting our internet usage…So sorry if the blog is a bit sparse lately.

I have several people doing South Beach with me and there seems to be strength and solidarity in numbers. We’re all on Phase 1 together sharing advice and recipes. It’s been going well so far. Carmine has offered to go back to Phase 1 to help reinforce our efforts, but the boy doesn’t have any more weight to lose…it would be unhealthy for him to cut his carb intake at this point…he needs his fruits and whole grains. So we decided that we could work-out together and that would be a nice way to help me reinforce my weight loss and toning efforts. He’s been the model of discipline…he never cheats on his eating plan, unless you count a few glasses of wine, which is allowed on most healthy diets…so no, he doesn’t cheat. I’m very impressed and eating a meal with him is always a “no stress” situation, because he encourages and reinforces good habits. It’s hard to hang out with friends that eat junk and want you to do the same. I’m such a social eater that I have to admit that sometimes I’m easily swayed. In fact this Friday is my friend Lynne’s Bday party at a bar with almost nothing but bar food. I’ve already informer her that I’ll be there, but I won’t be partaking in any of the eats and drinks. I’ll just have to make sure that I eat before the party in order not to be tempted by hunger…hunger can be the undoing to any good intentions. So I’ll go and sip on diet soda all night while hanging with my friends…it should be fine, but wish me luck anyway.

I’m a bit over tired right now. My brain is complete mush from all the music and words that I’m cramming into it. I’ve so much to do and the space of time allotted is getting smaller and smaller. Good thing I’ve got an incredible singing coach in Carmine, it pays to have friends that can help you in all areas of your life. It’s been such a blessing that he came into my life when he did; I’m accomplishing so much with him in it. Yay good friends.

On that note, it’s time to get back to work and find my next meal.

Have a great day!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Crazy Days of Summer

The weekend was beautiful…not too much rain and a lot of fun. On Friday night I met up with my bf Rebecca and we shopped and then had cocktails until my friend Carmine joined us. Then we walked up to midtown to the Russian Vodka Room for my friend Seth’s Birthday party…where two other friends joined us for infused vodka and Russian cuisine. On Saturday, my cousin Philip and I had our first BBQ of the summer at our place, with the help and co-hosting duties of my girl Rebecca. There was sooo much food and booze and the grill cooked from 5pm until Midnight…constantly grilling veggies, meats, and even the famous Banana Boats (which were a BIG hit!) Rebecca made a huge vat of Sangria and some AWESOME Guacamole that is unmatched anywhere…oh and she also combined the burgers for the grill which were spectacular! The weather was perfect both day and night for the party and people didn’t leave until I basically kicked them out around 2:30am…I’m sure my neighbors probably hate me now…lol. Sunday, I had a church gig that I sang at which had me waking up at 6:30am to get there…so yeah I got maybe 4 hours sleep, and then I took it easy the rest of the day, just cleaning up a bit and watching movies. TOM also came to visit finally on Sunday morning (at church mind you) but like a good girl scout, I was prepared. So now I’m surfing the crimson wave, have eaten my weight in BBQ, Guacamole, Banana Boats and Alcohol and according to the scale I’m a good 10 lbs. heavier than I was 2 weeks ago. Oh the carnage! Oh well, I’m back on the straight and narrow today. My ankle is doing much better and I plan on hitting the gym to see what I can accomplish…there’s no pain currently, so I’ll wrap my ankle and go as far as possible without causing discomfort. And if I get home early enough tonight after my ladies night event, then I’ll attempt the 30 Day Shred DVD…assuming I’m not crippled after today’s gym excursion.

On the career front, I was cast in another movie. This time it’s a SAG-pending short film. I got the script this morning and it shoots next Monday & Tuesday…talk about short notice, but I guess that’s how these things work. So now, I’ve got to start learning my lines and developing my character, on top of all the opera prep work I’m in the middle of right now. My week is crazy with events, lessons and birthday parties, followed up by the film shoot…I don’t know how I’m going to get it all in, but I will somehow. I always do! The film coming up, will also help me to really work hard this week to shed some poundage…I’ve got to get it together to be happy with the way I look on film (which may be never, because I can’t watch myself, it freaks me out…lol). But at least it’s an incentive on top of the BD Challenge, plus TOM will be gone and so will the water weight that comes with him. I should be down by “8” pounds by this time next week, because we all know it’s mostly water weight that I put on (almost over night).

So now to work on my lines and music, this is turning out to be a crazy and productive summer. I guess I’ll rest when I’m dead…lol.

Have a great day!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I hate being feeble...seriously! When you're feeling all bloaty and fat, the first thing I want to do is work-out. It makes me feel like I'm fighting the good fight when I can kick some @$$ at the gym or at home with my DVD's. But instead, I'm PMSing and hobbling around like a grandma. MEH! I hate not having control. I need some serious cardio to burn fat, like now...with the least amount of pressure and movement on my ankle...any ideas folks? Swimming is not an option. Mat Pilates? Does that count as cardio? It's a great work-out, but he doesn't really get the heart pumping...And cycling on a bike takes too much range of motion on the ankle. Unfortunately the ankle is worse today than the past two seems like there's some pulled ligaments or something going on...I'm afraid I'll need to go see a Sports-Medicine Doctor...I should anyway, due to my recent troubles with my knees, Achilles, and right shoulder. I'm so falling apart! Guess it's time to get it checked out. I hate going to the Dr.'s!

Today's goal is to survive without eating too much Last night I had a square of 85% dark really satiated me. It's a bit bitter but perfect for the chocolate craving without all the goes straight into the a drug! Actually, isn't it a drug? I swear, just pump it right into my vains baby...I need my chocolate I wonder what my vegan friends do? Aren't some dark chocolates milk & dairy product free? I think I remember Green & Black's label offer a good choice for vegans, but I could totally be making it up in my head.

This weekend my bf Rebecca and I are co-hosting a BBQ at my place. We're going to make sangria, southbeach Mojitos, and lots of grilled meats and veggies. I have another vegan they make vegan "marshmallows"? I know that they are normally made with casin (which is animal bone by product?) and that's a huge NO for vegans and vegetarians. The reason I'm asking is for future BBQs for my vegan and vegi friends who want to do the post grill Smore & Banana Boat action. What is a Banana Boat you ask? Well you take a nice banana, peel back a piece of the peeling (keeping it attached), scoop out the middle a bit with a spoon...put pieces of chocolate down the middle (piercing the banana with the chocolate standing up a bit) then inbetween the pieces of chocolate you put pieces of marshmallow (generally half of one large marshmallow). Place peel back over chocolate & marshmallows, wrap in foil and put on the grill until the banana feels mushy and warm with the chocolate and marshmallows melted in the boat of the banana. Open up foil...pull back peel and eat with a spoon...MMM! So for the vegans, if their are vegan marshmallows, we can make it for them with the vegan approved chocolate :) A girl's got to take care of her vegan / animal loving friends!

Tonight I have to do some shopping for the BBQ and then I'm off to rehearsal for a gig I have this weekend. I may have to suck it up and take a church job soon so that I can make some extra $$$ now that its just me and my cousin living in our two bedroom apartment. I really don't relish the thought of taking on MORE to do in my already over-scheduled life. Oh well, I'll rest when I'm dead I guess.

Have an accident free day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big Fat Cow Day

Ok, I'm totally having one of those "I feel like a Big Fat Cow" days. Thanks to TOM I'm walking around feeling bloated, gurgley, cranky and HUGE. I hate this...I'm so PMSing! Once it actually starts I know I'll be crampy, but at least I won't feel as cow-like. Yesterday was not a good day for me...I ended up rolling my ankle twice, so now I'm hobbling around NYC with an ace bandage wrapped around it. So not only can I not do my interval training on the treadmill, I can't even walk that fast. Carmine says he'll wrap me up good tonight and do the 30 Day Shred DVD with me...I think that should be ok, as long as I take caution on the cardio sections. The good thing is, I don't notice any swelling, it just hurts a little bit...I think if I'm careful, that I'll be back on the treadmill in no time.

I'm also way tired :( I just can't seem to function today, much less type anything interesting.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Contracts are in...

Yesterday was a good day as far as diet & exercise went. I stuck with my diet and even made an authorized dessert (those gluten-free, sugar-free almond cookies I mentioned in a previous blog)...and I made up a new recipe using almond meal for encrusting food :) And a nice big helping of broccoli...oh and I made chili for the week to eat on aswell. After dinner and a bit of time digesting, I did my 30 Minute Shred DVD...and it was a GREAT work-out. It totally kicked my @$$. So I ended up working-out twice yesterday and it was completely on a whim. I feel good.

Today I don't know if I'll get a work-out lunch I may have to go pick-up my friend from the Doctor's office and bring her back to work. After work I have a coaching for Zerlina, followed by a duet rehearsal with the Don Giovanni, followed by a networking event...I probably won't get home until late...ugh. And I thought summer would be relaxing. I'll just have to really focus on eating clean and accomplishing other things that need to be done, and concentrate on getting in a good work-out tomorrow.

On the singing front, I got my contract for The Crucible with Dicapo Opera. It wasn't quite what I was expecting. I was hoping to get the role of Mary Warren, but instead I was offered the gruelling task of covering...and not just a cover, but covering 6 different female roles in the opera. What a challenge. I hope that I'm capable enough to cover 6 different roles in one role is generally hard enough, but 6 with no real time on stage? Whew...This will be a first for me...I've never had to cover before, I'm generally given the actual role...I don't really understand why this time is different? The positive side is that I get to go to Hungary for the Opera and work on a fun and inventive piece, but the cons are the obvious work involved with little gratification. Oh well, we all have to pay our dues...Now to see if my voice teacher will actually let me take this contract? She's particular about these things and what she says goes. So now to ask her what she thinks?

Hopefully this will all work-out favorably.

Have a great day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ok, I'm Blogging, I'm Blogging.

Under vegan command, I am blogging...I was intending on it anyway, but it's nice to know I've been missed.

It's been a good day as far as diet & exercise go. I've been eating clean, taking my vitamins, drinking my water, have already done my interval training on the treadmill and made sure I had some greens along the way...Not bad for a Monday. However Friday was another story. If you read Friday's blog, you already know I had a Beer Garden event...OMG...there is a reason I don't generally visit Beer Gardens, there's not much in the way of healthy alternatives, so I caved. I drank beer, ate sausage, hamburgers, and french fries until I was sick...No literally sick! A nice reminder of why I don't eat like that. My body couldn't handle all the greasy foods and hardy I woke up in the middle of the night Friday night/Saturday morning with my tummy a'gurgling...and spent a good amount of time in El Bano for the next 2 days...ugh. Nope, I just can't eat like that and my body revolts against it...and you know what, it wasn't that good going down either, so the cheat wasn't even worth it. Blech! Well, we learn from our mistakes, and it was a good lesson, one that makes me appreciate the lovely fresh fruits and veggies in my life :)

On the singer's front: I received an email that makes me think that I may know what my contract with the opera for next season will be in the next 48 by tomorrow I should have some news, because it was sent out on Sunday's hoping anyways...I really need to find out what roles (if any) I have to learn for next season and start learning them NOW. Actually the plan is to learn my role in Don Giovanni by the end of June and start learning my Dicapo picks in July. I really have a crazy summer of learning ahead of me...but with my favorite and talented coach Carmine, I have faith that I will conquer all roles that need learning.

Well, it's almost time to leave work, eat a healthy dinner, go home, do some strength training, and get some rest.

Have a Great Day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Still Alive

I know I've been MIA for a week, but things are still crazy (as usual). I'm just cramming to learn my new opera role by the end of June so I can start learning whatever roles I'm assigned for next year's season at Dicapo. I think I will always be learning opera roles...the process never seems to stop. I'm an eternal student, but I don't mind, it keeps me young and interested. It also keeps me tired and a bit stressed, but that's how life is in general...that's why people take vacation. Ahhh, vacation. How that is a nice concept, for other people it seems. Maybe someday I can take the time to get away and relax for a week or so, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

On a positive note: Everyone's now moved and settled in their new "homes" and it's been a full week since the bf left for South Africa. The last I had heard from him was his landing in Cape Town South Africa and then it was off to Safari. I'm assuming that's where he is now, especially with no emails or text messages coming my way. I was invited to go, but besides not having the luxury of time off and money, I'm not much of a "roughing-it" kind of girl. Sure I grew up in a small town in Texas, almost the country (Lord knows we all has acres of land)...but the first time I have to pee outside, it's all over. And they were backpacking it too...NO WAY! Yeah, unless it's a Luxury Safari where their are running, clean showers and a place to plug in my hot rollers, I'm not interested! Wow, when did I become such High Maintenance?

Other than that, I'm just trying to diet and exercise while juggling all the new music I have to learn. Unfortunately tonight, I'm going to an event that is at a Beer Garden. Yeah, beer...the beverage of large bellies and empty calories. I guess I can just sip one all night and look like I'm participating. And who knows what the food offerings will be like. Oh well, I'll just have to pre-eat!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Weekend's Here!

It's been a bit hectic this past week...everyone moving in, out, and all around...but finally we got everyone to their new homes. The boyfriend left last night for South Africa, with a layover in Paris...he texted me while having his lunch on the Sein nice for him (yeah, a little jealous!) The best friend got moved into her apartment and started unpacking and is now breathing easier. Carmine, the maestro, got moved into his new place yesterday...and I got a new, much need wardrobe closet in the deal. Tonight we're going to celebrate my friend Michelle's birthday by taking her to Dip...a hot little fondue place, where we'll sip cocktails and eat things dipped in cheese and chocolate...mmm. I'm allowing myself to be off my diet tonight for this one little occasion and then it's right back on.

Speaking of the diet, I'm officially down 8 lbs. and am only 1 lb. away from the 130's...yay! Perseverance is truly paying off...and I plan on continuing down this path that seems to be working. Next week, I'll start hitting the gym everyday instead of wandering the streets for my lunch's just sooo hard to go to they gym when it's so beautiful & warm outside...I've been walking outside instead of going to my classes & interval training on the treadmill. And as great as walking is, I don't work-out as hard as I should and I AM paying for the gym membership!

So the goal for next week is to work-out 6 days with at least 4 days in the gym, while continuing my clean eating. I DO have that Bday dress to look fab in by July 24th!

Have a great day,

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Birthday Challenge

Ok we're on the Birthday Challenge right now. I figured that since I have the lovely Val and I believe miss Rose on board, that I'd set some "official" guidelines for the challenge. Of course you can do this with your own birthday date or to the one I've set for July 24th. So, by July 24th the goal is to (as said in a previous blog) to look good in my new birthday eating clean, and toning up with strength training alternating with interval cardio training. I want to sculpt my back and arms especially so that they look spectacular in my Marilyn Monroe type dress with the low's white with black print, so you know I have to be trim to look good in that...white & print...what was I thinking? I would also like to lose about 10 lbs. of fat by the end of the BC.

On the home boyfriend has officially moved and stored all of his things and is leaving for South Africa on Thursday. My best friend has moved into her new apartment on the Upper West Side only to find out that it's infested with termites and now has to find a new place to live in less than a week in order to keep her deposits and such. My friend Carmine moves tomorrow to Upper Manhattan in the Inwood area and I have a ton of cleaning and reorganizing of my apartment to do. Now here's the serendipitous part of the whole thing: My best friend's fiasco may already have a looks like she may be able to take Carmine's old place when he moves out tomorrow, she may actually be moving in. I really hope it works out, because she's sooo stressed over the whole thing :( Poor thing! As soon as I heard about the apartment I made the call and we're seeing the place tonight...fingers crossed...this would be awesome if she could move-in immediately. When my friends are hurting, I'm understand. So send lots of good thoughts this way...we could really use it.

On the health front: I've been sticking to my eating regiment and have happily been seeing the scale continue downwards. In the past two weeks I've seen a 6 lb. drop and am looking forward to continuing down that path. As soon as I lose 2 more lbs., I'll be starting from my lowest point of weight in a long time...and then on to the next 10 lbs. Wow in just 12 lbs. I'll be in the 120's...I haven't been there in more than a decade...I'm really excited by this! And not only will it be a number, but a healthy, toned, lean body that is the result of all this hard work. As Val would say, I'm stoked!

So off to the gym I go now. Have a great day!