Thursday, June 19, 2008


I hate being feeble...seriously! When you're feeling all bloaty and fat, the first thing I want to do is work-out. It makes me feel like I'm fighting the good fight when I can kick some @$$ at the gym or at home with my DVD's. But instead, I'm PMSing and hobbling around like a grandma. MEH! I hate not having control. I need some serious cardio to burn fat, like now...with the least amount of pressure and movement on my ankle...any ideas folks? Swimming is not an option. Mat Pilates? Does that count as cardio? It's a great work-out, but he doesn't really get the heart pumping...And cycling on a bike takes too much range of motion on the ankle. Unfortunately the ankle is worse today than the past two seems like there's some pulled ligaments or something going on...I'm afraid I'll need to go see a Sports-Medicine Doctor...I should anyway, due to my recent troubles with my knees, Achilles, and right shoulder. I'm so falling apart! Guess it's time to get it checked out. I hate going to the Dr.'s!

Today's goal is to survive without eating too much Last night I had a square of 85% dark really satiated me. It's a bit bitter but perfect for the chocolate craving without all the goes straight into the a drug! Actually, isn't it a drug? I swear, just pump it right into my vains baby...I need my chocolate I wonder what my vegan friends do? Aren't some dark chocolates milk & dairy product free? I think I remember Green & Black's label offer a good choice for vegans, but I could totally be making it up in my head.

This weekend my bf Rebecca and I are co-hosting a BBQ at my place. We're going to make sangria, southbeach Mojitos, and lots of grilled meats and veggies. I have another vegan they make vegan "marshmallows"? I know that they are normally made with casin (which is animal bone by product?) and that's a huge NO for vegans and vegetarians. The reason I'm asking is for future BBQs for my vegan and vegi friends who want to do the post grill Smore & Banana Boat action. What is a Banana Boat you ask? Well you take a nice banana, peel back a piece of the peeling (keeping it attached), scoop out the middle a bit with a spoon...put pieces of chocolate down the middle (piercing the banana with the chocolate standing up a bit) then inbetween the pieces of chocolate you put pieces of marshmallow (generally half of one large marshmallow). Place peel back over chocolate & marshmallows, wrap in foil and put on the grill until the banana feels mushy and warm with the chocolate and marshmallows melted in the boat of the banana. Open up foil...pull back peel and eat with a spoon...MMM! So for the vegans, if their are vegan marshmallows, we can make it for them with the vegan approved chocolate :) A girl's got to take care of her vegan / animal loving friends!

Tonight I have to do some shopping for the BBQ and then I'm off to rehearsal for a gig I have this weekend. I may have to suck it up and take a church job soon so that I can make some extra $$$ now that its just me and my cousin living in our two bedroom apartment. I really don't relish the thought of taking on MORE to do in my already over-scheduled life. Oh well, I'll rest when I'm dead I guess.

Have an accident free day!


R. Shack said...

omigosh... that sounds delicious... they do make vegan marshmallows but sometimes they're hard to find (well maybe not in NYC!)... alternately you could make them (with agar-agar) because homemade marshmallows are ahhhhmazing!

feel better!!! get into that drs office asap... better to deal with things early than to let them get worse!

what's a church job? i hope you don't end up needing to do anything more!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey babycakes! I wrote you little "Blog letter" on my blog answering all your vegan questions. :)
You.... totally... rock... as... a... friend! You're so sweet to be thinking of your veggie friends! (well, really just me, right?!?) LOL!

Anonymous said...

Shadow-boxing! Very little strain on the lower body but man, does it get the heart rate up. (Jillian recommends it if you have lower-body mobility issues and you know how I *heart* Jillian.) And takes out some of the PMS aggression. :-)

It might aggravate your shoulder if you're still having problems with it though.

The barbecue sounds fun! Especially the Smores/Banana Boats. :-) I'm feeling your chocolate craving too, big time. Sigh.

While I agree that the last thing you need is more to do...I certainly understand about the $$$ necessity. Hope that it works out with the least amount of stress possible.

Have a great weekend!