Friday, June 6, 2008

Weekend's Here!

It's been a bit hectic this past week...everyone moving in, out, and all around...but finally we got everyone to their new homes. The boyfriend left last night for South Africa, with a layover in Paris...he texted me while having his lunch on the Sein nice for him (yeah, a little jealous!) The best friend got moved into her apartment and started unpacking and is now breathing easier. Carmine, the maestro, got moved into his new place yesterday...and I got a new, much need wardrobe closet in the deal. Tonight we're going to celebrate my friend Michelle's birthday by taking her to Dip...a hot little fondue place, where we'll sip cocktails and eat things dipped in cheese and chocolate...mmm. I'm allowing myself to be off my diet tonight for this one little occasion and then it's right back on.

Speaking of the diet, I'm officially down 8 lbs. and am only 1 lb. away from the 130's...yay! Perseverance is truly paying off...and I plan on continuing down this path that seems to be working. Next week, I'll start hitting the gym everyday instead of wandering the streets for my lunch's just sooo hard to go to they gym when it's so beautiful & warm outside...I've been walking outside instead of going to my classes & interval training on the treadmill. And as great as walking is, I don't work-out as hard as I should and I AM paying for the gym membership!

So the goal for next week is to work-out 6 days with at least 4 days in the gym, while continuing my clean eating. I DO have that Bday dress to look fab in by July 24th!

Have a great day,


R.Shack said...

omg... have fun at Dip... I'm glad you're taking the night off to enjoy!

8 lbs!! almost at the 130s! Awesome! I'm super proud of you.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I'm jealous of your B.F. too!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad everything worked out! And you got a wardrobe, how perfect is that? :-)

If your weather up there turns out like ours has, pretty soon you'll be glad to be in that air-conditioned gym...I can't believe how hot it's gotten. It was in the 90s today and miserable.

8 pounds is fabulous, you are going to look smokin' in that dress! Have a great weekend and enjoy every minute of your splurge!