Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Contracts are in...

Yesterday was a good day as far as diet & exercise went. I stuck with my diet and even made an authorized dessert (those gluten-free, sugar-free almond cookies I mentioned in a previous blog)...and I made up a new recipe using almond meal for encrusting food :) And a nice big helping of broccoli...oh and I made chili for the week to eat on aswell. After dinner and a bit of time digesting, I did my 30 Minute Shred DVD...and it was a GREAT work-out. It totally kicked my @$$. So I ended up working-out twice yesterday and it was completely on a whim. I feel good.

Today I don't know if I'll get a work-out in...at lunch I may have to go pick-up my friend from the Doctor's office and bring her back to work. After work I have a coaching for Zerlina, followed by a duet rehearsal with the Don Giovanni, followed by a networking event...I probably won't get home until late...ugh. And I thought summer would be relaxing. I'll just have to really focus on eating clean and accomplishing other things that need to be done, and concentrate on getting in a good work-out tomorrow.

On the singing front, I got my contract for The Crucible with Dicapo Opera. It wasn't quite what I was expecting. I was hoping to get the role of Mary Warren, but instead I was offered the gruelling task of covering...and not just a cover, but covering 6 different female roles in the opera. What a challenge. I hope that I'm capable enough to cover 6 different roles in one opera...one role is generally hard enough, but 6 with no real time on stage? Whew...This will be a first for me...I've never had to cover before, I'm generally given the actual role...I don't really understand why this time is different? The positive side is that I get to go to Hungary for the Opera and work on a fun and inventive piece, but the cons are the obvious work involved with little gratification. Oh well, we all have to pay our dues...Now to see if my voice teacher will actually let me take this contract? She's particular about these things and what she says goes. So now to ask her what she thinks?

Hopefully this will all work-out favorably.

Have a great day!


R. Shack said...

That's intense... 6 roles... but Hungary!!! GL with that!!!

Great job with the food prep and double dose of exercise!!

<3 ya,

Anonymous said...

LOL...Bex, your life is never relaxing! You go way too much for that! :-)

Hmm...sounds really like a compliment to me that they do consider you capable of covering 6 roles. (No, I am completely ignorant and have no idea what that actually means, but it sounds really hard!) But I can see how it would be a little disappointing not to get much stage time, too.

Love the double workout! I am impressed! :-)