Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Birthday Challenge

Ok we're on the Birthday Challenge right now. I figured that since I have the lovely Val and I believe miss Rose on board, that I'd set some "official" guidelines for the challenge. Of course you can do this with your own birthday date or to the one I've set for July 24th. So, by July 24th the goal is to (as said in a previous blog) to look good in my new birthday dress...by eating clean, and toning up with strength training alternating with interval cardio training. I want to sculpt my back and arms especially so that they look spectacular in my Marilyn Monroe type dress with the low back...it's white with black print, so you know I have to be trim to look good in that...white & print...what was I thinking?...lol. I would also like to lose about 10 lbs. of fat by the end of the BC.

On the home front...my boyfriend has officially moved and stored all of his things and is leaving for South Africa on Thursday. My best friend has moved into her new apartment on the Upper West Side only to find out that it's infested with termites and now has to find a new place to live in less than a week in order to keep her deposits and such. My friend Carmine moves tomorrow to Upper Manhattan in the Inwood area and I have a ton of cleaning and reorganizing of my apartment to do. Now here's the serendipitous part of the whole thing: My best friend's fiasco may already have a solution...it looks like she may be able to take Carmine's old place when he moves out tomorrow, she may actually be moving in. I really hope it works out, because she's sooo stressed over the whole thing :( Poor thing! As soon as I heard about the apartment I made the call and we're seeing the place tonight...fingers crossed...this would be awesome if she could move-in immediately. When my friends are hurting, I'm hurting...you understand. So send lots of good thoughts this way...we could really use it.

On the health front: I've been sticking to my eating regiment and have happily been seeing the scale continue downwards. In the past two weeks I've seen a 6 lb. drop and am looking forward to continuing down that path. As soon as I lose 2 more lbs., I'll be starting from my lowest point of weight in a long time...and then on to the next 10 lbs. Wow in just 12 lbs. I'll be in the 120's...I haven't been there in more than a decade...I'm really excited by this! And not only will it be a number, but a healthy, toned, lean body that is the result of all this hard work. As Val would say, I'm stoked!

So off to the gym I go now. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I hope the apartment thing works out - that has GOT to be stressful. Hopefully it'll all fall into place and she can move in and relax. It would suck pretty badly not to know where you'd be living in a week!

Keeping my fingers crossed. :-)


R.Shack said...

Totally in of course! 10 lb. is a good goal for the BD Challenge... I like!

OMG South Africa! That's far! I'm so sorry about all the apt. drama... I'll send extra good thoughts to you all!

Have fun at the gym!

P.S. I'll totally cook for you if you wash the dishes!