Friday, May 30, 2008


The scale is finally going the correct direction for the past 2 weeks... ahhh...that's stress just slipping off the shoulders as I type this. I'm still a bit tense with the whole "everyone moving within the next couple of weeks" thing. As I said in my previous blog, the best friend is moving this weekend, but her apartment may not be ready and she's sooo freaking out!...The boyfriend is moving this weekend, but doesn't know if the place he's storing stuff is cousin is supposed to be buying a bed and moving into the boyfriend's room but he can't move in until the boyfriend is out and sleeping arrangements may be questionable. My friend Carmine is moving on Tuesday and he's also heading up the conducting and coaching for the new opera I'm in "Don Giovanni". Oh yeah, and that reminds me I have to learn the role and all that music by

At least I'm going away this weekend and can let everyone sort it out for themselves, instead of getting involved as I usually's not my responsibility and I'm allowed to have some time away. It's just hard, because they're my friends and I love them and want to help them...I feel guilty...but this trip has been planned for over a month and it's a bad move to cancel last minute. So conflicted...but things will work themselves out...they always do.

I'm just happy that I've been able to stick to my eating plan for the past two weeks and am seeing positive results.

Oh and also, my girls Rose and V are joining me on the Birthday Challenge. The goal is to tone up and look fab. We've so got this!

Have a great day!


R.Shack said...

I'm so proud of you... you do deserve this time away! Things will work themselves out... No worries.

Have a great, great weekend away!

ooo and I'm glad the scales doing the right thing :)

dietbook said...

I'm so glad you're doing so well! I've been way, way behind for a number of reasons but I'm trying to catch up.

I'm with you on the BC, definitely...making a good start today. I've also got another sort of Birthday Challenge going with my neighbor and walking partner, to my birthday...which sort of makes it a Labor Day Challenge. :-) I'm determined to make a major dent in my goal this summer!

Hang in there, have an awesome time away, and hopefully everything will be neatly sorted out when you get back. Way to set boundaries and not take on everyone else's stress! You have enough of your own. :-)