Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday before MDC


So it's the Friday before the actual Memorial Day. I've lost 5 lbs and am still holding strong even with TOM starting today and I actually feel ok. I really do think it has alot to do with eating the right things and the body's reaction to it. Last month I gave into cravings and went mental and felt miserable. But this time I stuck with my clean eating and am so much more functional. The great thing is that most of my friends are on a similar eating plan as me, so we're all cognizent of what we're putting into our mouths when we go it really does help to pick a healthier alternative when it comes to restaurants...and we don't go out drinking (hello, empty calories). So this weekend is the final stretch to the MDC finish line (granted I'm going one week past for my actual end of the year party and my new bikini)...To all of you who are on this challenge with me...good luck and stay strong. It's been a fun and trying past few months. I look forward to hearing about your journey.

Have a great weekend.


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R.Shack said...

Hmm, you may have a point on the PMS thing. I never considered that. I'll keep it in mind though!

Wasn't today the end of the opera season? Congrats!

Monday Monday!
I'm excited!