Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mundane Ramblings

Ok, quick blog:

Eating is good, and typing this just reminded me to take my vitamins...hold on a sec...ok, vitamins taken. No work-out as of yet, due to being stuck in the office all day (yuck) AND it's a beautiful day outside today too :( So the plan is to meet up with my girls after my coaching after I get out of work, and go for a lovely walk outside...I think they want food too, but we'll see what the compromise is, because my friend Chelle just had her tonsils out a couple of weeks ago (limited dietary needs there)...and Rebecca & I are both on the same lean eating regiment (lean protein & veggies)...hmmm, I'll think of something.

Nothing really eventful or brilliant today, just boring corporate training today, followed by spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to create *snore*. I can't wait until I'm making a living at my singing...I really don't do well in offices, it makes me brain numb!

Alright kids, I'm off to work more on the PowerPoint presentation and then to my coaching.

Have a great day!


Rose said...

I'm glad eating's still good

Hope you had a great walk with the girls :)

dietbook said...

Sounds like a pretty good day with the possible exception of being stuck inside. :-) I think beautiful weather makes offices even more brain-numbing than usual. Glad you got to get outside and enjoy it some!