Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm Pumped, and Must be High On Protein

I'm on a roll and soooo kicking butt! Yesterday I met with the girls and had dinner, and kept within my dietary restrictions. Then when I got home, I did the unexpected...I actually put on my work-out clothes and did my 30 Day Shred DVD. That's right I had Jillian kick my @$$ for a while, and then I had to shower because she made me sweat like a whore in that's the Texas girl coming out in me. Then I allowed myself a nice authorized treat, some decaf coffee and an almond "cookie". Now let me tell you about these "cookies" I made for my diet...they're amazing! Even the BF and the cousin love them...and they're sugar and flour free...very Low Carb and very satisfying. I linked them above if you want the recipe, in which I doubled of course....a girl's gotta share. The only thing was that I had a hard time finding almond meal, so I made it myself by blending raw almonds into meal was rather simple really...and Smart Balance makes a great substitute for butter or margarine to use in recipes :)

Today I've stuck to my eating and took my Fat-Burning Pilates class. I was chatting with the instructor who has a "sick" body...I mean it's incredible and you wouldn't believe she's had 2 kids...and she was saying that she used to be fat (way before the kids). She was once a Fatty like me (or used to be)...and now looks the moral of the story is, that the hard work really does pay off, but I'm sure we already knew that. So all we have to do is keep going, and keep making good choices, one at a time. That's easy, we can make a simple choice of whether or not to eat those fries or go put on those walking shoes. Come on, let's do this...let's finish the MDC Strong...we're almost there and we can really kill this thing! And once we've conquered the MDC, I may announce the IDC to follow, but we'll depends on how AWESOME we do on the MDC...hehe...hey everyone likes a challenge. And I wasn't kidding about the Shopping & Cocktails for those who finish strong. Last summer I had a SouthBeach Mojito and it was delish, I'll see if I can't find the recipe to make for our fabu get together...there's nothing better than fresh mint...mmm. So keep truckin' everyone...we're so close and I've got my second wind.

Have a great day!


Rose said...

How can we resist anything with the words South, Beach and Mojito in them! That's a good way to keep motivated (not to mention shopping)

I'm glad that you're doing so well! You're keeping me motivated (Jillian DVD after dinner with friends... that's harrrrrrrrd to do!).

Cory Drake said...

you were never a fatty my dear. at least i never thought you were. Glad your still kickin' butt and takin' names. :)

dietbook said...

God, Bex, you are so determined you make me want to crawl in a hole and hide in shame! :-) JK...I'm with you. Right now the best I can manage is "grimly determined" but by God, it's got the word determined in it!

Right now I have six pounds to lose to get to my MDC starting point. UGH. Can I just say how depressing that is? But you know what? I'll get there. And I'll be ready for your IDC too. :-)