Thursday, May 29, 2008

Miss Me?

Sorry folks...I've been on vacation, both mentally and physically. I was away this past long weekend and thoroughly enjoyed taking a few extra days of during this week as well. However I think I'm more tired now than I was before taking some days "off". I think I need a vacation from my vacation. Plus I'm stressed due to the fact that both my boyfriend and my best friend are both moving this weekend and I feel pulled in so many directions. This is an already busy weekend for me. I'm supposed to go to Pennsylvania for the weekend with my Opera Company for our end of the year party and two important people in my life are uprooting themselves and going elsewhere. ON TOP of all that my cousin is supposed to take over my boyfriend's room and find a bed to sleep on within the next 3 days...not to mention the overly messy state my apartment is in at the moment...and I'm not even available to clean and organize my living space...ahhh.

On a positive note, I'm doing really well on my eating plan and am seeing some nice results. At least one thing in my life is under my control at the moment.

Also this summer I'm doing Don Giovanni with Opera Manhattan, so that's exciting...I've always needed to learn Zerlina and here's my chance! The performances will be at the end of July or early August, we haven't gotten our schedules yet...but this should be alot of fun.

Ok, on to more work, and reading your blogs...I can't wait to hear how everyone did on the MDC...this is actually my last week on the MDC and I break it this weekend at my Opera Party...I don't think I'll be too bad however, because there's no desire. Then I start the Birthday Challenge on Monday 5/2/08...feel free to join me...the goal is to look awesome in my birthday dress by July 24th :D That really entails sculpting the body...hello weight training!

Have a great day!

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R.Shack said...

You are funny!
Of course I'm joining the Birthday Challenge!!! I personally love birthdays, even if they're not my own (well not as much as my own, but yours can be a close second :) ).

OMG, everyone's moving :( That's rough.

So, if your performance is around your B-Day can I come?

I'm excited to see how you do at the end of MDC! I'm sure you'll rock it!