Monday, May 12, 2008

Murky Monday

I had a decent weekend...sure I had to work at the theatre for the past 3 days, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else really and I did get to enjoy some of the beautiful weather both Saturday & Sunday.

So the MDC end is coming up quick...just 2 more weeks and we've reached the finish line. I can't say that I've accomplished my goal as of yet...but it's still possible to get there. The lesson in all this has really been in endurance and perseverance...and I feel with all the obstacles that have been thrown at us, we're doing really well considering the circumstances...and best of all, we haven't given up!

Today is a really nasty day outside with high winds and heavy rain, so I'm not looking forward to going out in instead I'll just stay in and get a work-out in at home after work. My least favorite time to work-out, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. If I change my mind and brave the storm, I'll let you know.

No real words of wisdom, but I'm just really proud of all my peeps who are doing the MDC with me...let's really kick@$$ to the finish line!



Rose said...

Ahhh, the finish line is here... We are going to kick a#$ for sure!

Have a great day (despite the nasty weather)!


dietbook said...

You know, I think those are the best wise words of all, just keep on keeping on. As you said, we have NOT given up! :-) It's easy to keep on when it's going well...not so easy when it isn't.

It's nasty here too. I think maybe some yoga tonight and early bed...TOM is kicking my butt. Hope your weather clears up soon! :-)


VeganDiva said...

Thanks for the comment baby cakes! Finish strong!