Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm Back Baby!

The scale is finally going the other direction and this only after a weekend of clean eating and ample rest. That's right I did the unthinkable, I started my clean eating this weekend instead of waiting for Monday. I just couldn't take it anymore and seeing as how TOM finally left me on Friday evening, so did the desire to eat crap. The scale is already down 3.5 lbs from the end of this last week and I'm starting to feel like my new "old" self again. My friend Carmine who is unknowingly doing the MDC with us has already lost 2 inches off his waist from following my eating regiment. He's been so good about following the plan and has not cheated once for the past 5 weeks...I think 2 inches off your waist in 5 weeks is GREAT! He also mentions that he hasn't felt this good in a long time and then thanked me for helping him. I laughed and told him that all I did was give him the info and cooked him a few meals, he's the one who stayed on track and made it happen...I'm very impressed by his self-discipline, even when I strayed and ate chocolate cake in front of him...that takes control. This guy really has set a standard for me...he gave up smoking more than 7 months ago, and changed his eating habits for the better. I can't imagine how hard those changes have been...I have no excuse to whine about how hard something is, when others have it much harder.

Annoying side note: I know people mean well, but I get really irritated when a skinny person who has NEVER had a weight problem tries to give me advice on eating. Blah, blah...yeah I know moderation, but seriously unless you've been there, you really don't know how hard the fight against a food addiction is. I know what I should do to lose weight and maintain a healthy body...I've educated myself and know what works after years of trial and error. I know I just have to be disciplined and make the right choices about what I actually put in my mouth...I just don't seem to appreciate that type of feedback from someone who can eat pizza, chips and ice cream and never gain weight. I'm not trying to be mean, and I know they say these things because they love me and see me struggle...I just get a little miffed when advice comes from those who have never been there, no matter how informed they are. Ok, I vented...enough said.

I got so inspired today, I called my friend Rebecca (no I'm not talking about myself in the third person) and told her we are going to get together tonight and we're going to work-out and then I'll make us a healthy dinner. She's been crying out for help and to gain control of her weight gain lately. She's not fat by any means, but she is heavier than she's been in a while and it makes her unhappy...I can understand that. So as her BFF...I took the control that she handed me and I'm kick starting her efforts. In fact I quizzed her on what she was planning to eat today and it sounds pretty healthy, so she's already on the road to success...I'm just trying to derail any Cinco de Mayo plans her office may be planning that involve margaritas and Mexican about empty fat and calories.

On a good note: I not only started my clean eating this weekend and am already seeing results, I cooked my authorized meals for the week for me and my friend Carmine. Oh and I've almost got my French aria completely memorized + the other arias are really shaping up nicely in time for Friday's Masterclass and Tuesday the 13th's big competition.

So the plan for today: Continue to eat healthy today, get in some interval cardio training at lunch, drink my water, take my vitamins, give prepared meals to Carmine, meet with Rebecca and do the 30 day Shred DVD, prepare and eat a healthy dinner, and get to bed early for a good night's sleep :) I told you I'm back!

Have a great day!


wvsooner said...

I've keep reading your blog and have been waiting for a reason to comment on one of your posts! Carmine is lucky to have you to help out, motivate, provide information, etc. Valerie (Diet Book) and my wife (Losing CD) have done the same for me over the last 4 months. To date 54.9 pounds and 8 inches off the waistline!

VeganDiva said...

Skinny people need to eat more bagels... then, and only then, will they understand.


Rose said...

Lol Vegandiva :)

I'm glad you're back. That sounds like quite the plan for your day... I'm proud of you.

Now, I'd like to say I'm jealous of Carmine. I'm moving to NYC asap so you can cook for me too... I could def. handle being a nanny on Park Ave. or something :)

You're an inspiration not only to me but to the people around you. You're awesome!!!


fortissimezzo said...

can i just say how i love your commitment and hardwork?

in all honesty, darling, i really think you look fabulous...and i'm not just saying that to make you feel better. i think you're beautiful.

BeckStein said... folks are really encourage me and I'm so thankful for that!!!

WV...that's amazing, your loss is really incredible and you are surrounded by awesome ladies...but the hard work comes down to you and you're really rockin' it!

Vegandiva...yeah they do...did I mention I love

Rose honey, you can come up and nanny here anytime, you'd probably get paid sick $$$...and we could totally go shopping ;) As for the cooking, my bf mentioned that I might offer my services to others and see if I can't make a small biz out of it...something to think about, but it's not like I have alot of time.

fortissimezzo...I know I look but seriously, thank you, I appreciate the complement...especially coming from a hot chic like yourself ;)

dietbook said...

Wow, look at you go! You totally rock, not that that is surprising at all. :-)

I think striking while the iron is hot is great, instead of waiting for an arbitrary "starting point" like a Monday or whatever. Definitely the key to success!

Keep kickin' butt, I'm taking my cues from you, darlin' girl! :-)