Thursday, June 26, 2008


5 lbs. gone and I’m feeling good. TOM is pretty light and hasn’t been too bad this month, so no complaints. Our internet at work has had its surf control updated and we’re blocked from all kinds of internet use. I can’t blog as much due to big brother watching and reporting our internet usage…So sorry if the blog is a bit sparse lately.

I have several people doing South Beach with me and there seems to be strength and solidarity in numbers. We’re all on Phase 1 together sharing advice and recipes. It’s been going well so far. Carmine has offered to go back to Phase 1 to help reinforce our efforts, but the boy doesn’t have any more weight to lose…it would be unhealthy for him to cut his carb intake at this point…he needs his fruits and whole grains. So we decided that we could work-out together and that would be a nice way to help me reinforce my weight loss and toning efforts. He’s been the model of discipline…he never cheats on his eating plan, unless you count a few glasses of wine, which is allowed on most healthy diets…so no, he doesn’t cheat. I’m very impressed and eating a meal with him is always a “no stress” situation, because he encourages and reinforces good habits. It’s hard to hang out with friends that eat junk and want you to do the same. I’m such a social eater that I have to admit that sometimes I’m easily swayed. In fact this Friday is my friend Lynne’s Bday party at a bar with almost nothing but bar food. I’ve already informer her that I’ll be there, but I won’t be partaking in any of the eats and drinks. I’ll just have to make sure that I eat before the party in order not to be tempted by hunger…hunger can be the undoing to any good intentions. So I’ll go and sip on diet soda all night while hanging with my friends…it should be fine, but wish me luck anyway.

I’m a bit over tired right now. My brain is complete mush from all the music and words that I’m cramming into it. I’ve so much to do and the space of time allotted is getting smaller and smaller. Good thing I’ve got an incredible singing coach in Carmine, it pays to have friends that can help you in all areas of your life. It’s been such a blessing that he came into my life when he did; I’m accomplishing so much with him in it. Yay good friends.

On that note, it’s time to get back to work and find my next meal.

Have a great day!


R. Shack said...

Ew, Big Brother!

GL at Lynne's Bday party... just remember that your own Bday is soooo close! Stay strong chica!

5 Lbs! WooHoo!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, 5 pounds! That's great! It is SO much nicer to have people doing it with you, I makes a world of difference.

You're doing great!