Thursday, April 17, 2008


We had to go in for our Biometric Screening today at work (the corporate day job that is). This will give us a $100 discount on our Health Insurance, no matter what shape you're in, as long as you do the screening. So they made us fill out paper work, took our weight, height, blood pressure, lung function and order to give us instant results on BMI, Cholesterol, Sugar, etc. The results: Well, Lung Function was normal, my blood pressure low (100/60), my cholesterol good 192 total with a 49 HDL (very good) and a TC/HDL Ratio of 3.9 which puts me in a low risk category. They did measure our hip to waist ration which was really good (a 10" difference) but I was a little mad that they still measure BMI by height to weight and fact as far as I've come and with the few pounds I gained just recently, it put me in the marginally overweight category. WTF? I'm sorry, maybe I'm in denial, but I really don't think I'm overweight...perhaps a bit squishy in parts, but not overweight. I've worked sooo hard to lose the weight and to lose the body fat (which with recent caliper measurements is at 22%), and it really ticks me off that just because I'm a few pounds up, I'm all of a sudden overweight. Hello...I'm a woman!...I retain water AND I also work-out EVERYDAY at the gym and at home at least 3 times a week on top of that...I'm leaner than most of the women who got a normal BMI here at work...How can they still measure people like that? I mean come on, is it really fair that Joe Blow at work who never works-out and is like 6'5 tall and lanky, gets a low BMI because of his height to weight ratio? Is that rational, logical and really an effective way to measure one's health? Grrr....I'm really irritated by this. I was complaining to my friend Mark about this, he was standing in line with me waiting for results. He said, not to worry, that I'm obviously not overweight and if I didn't believe him, the next time I walk down the street to notice every head turn as I walk was sweet of him to say...true, but sweet...ROFL. The point is, when are they going to accurately measure one's body fat? Dunk me in a tank full of water damnit and make the insurance pay for it if they're so concerned! Get accurate results before you penalize people on their health statistics.

Wow, ok, enough ranting. You know the really terrible effect of this, is that I really want a bagel now...Granted it's because in the screening room they put out platters of bagels with cream cheese, butter and I had a visual trigger that when mixed with my emotional annoyance, it makes it hard to say no. I didn't eat one, but it doesn't make it easy not to want one. Talk about upping one's cholesterol and You'd think, if the company can bring in a medical lab group to do these tests, they can order in healthier options for breakfast...but I guess they did at least try and offer something, especially after taking our blood.

I have to admit, that I'm on the edge today. I'm at that point where the scale is going the wrong direction no matter how good I'm eating and how hard I'm working-out...It really makes me want to throw in the makes me want to just eat that bagel and say screw working-out today, I'm tired. I'm sooo close, even though I had two pretty good work-outs these past few fact I'm still sore and it feels good, but the scale says I'm up another 1/2 lb. and the screening scale says I'm up 4...AHHHH!!! So here's where I need Val's word: Resolve...there are so many definitions but I think the one that is really going to help me here is the understanding it as basically determination. How determined am I to stick with this and really make it count? How determined am I to make it to the end of the challenge and mentally know I have had gold stars all the way through? How determined am I NOT to look back and say what if? I haven't cheated once on my eating plan! I've worked-out everyday (except on designated rest days) and dragged my butt to the gym, even when I was tired. I'm more than half way through week 3 for the MDC, a good 3rd of the way could I even think of quitting? Ok, so I'm having a bad day, hit a plateau and am seeing a gain on the scale...and the only thing that's keeping me going is Pride and Accountability through this blog and to my blog peeps who are doing this with me. Yeah I need the MDC and all of you backing me up on this...because it's the only thing right now that's keeping me in the game. I guess I'm still ranting huh?

Ok, so the plan for today: Continue to eat my authorized meals at their appointed times, work-out (twice if possible), take my vitamins, drink my water and get more rest. I did get 7 hours last night least theoretically, if you don't count being woken up at 4 in the morning when the Boyfriend got home (he didn't have to train this morning, so he had a night out). So early to bed again tonight and see if we can't get in 8 hours this time.

Have a great and determined day!



VeganDiva said...

Eh, f**k that BMI crap! You don't EVEN want to know what mine is!! Haha!

And yes, we are supposed to get together soon. Let me know about next week for you.


Cory Drake said...

you are not the only one who wants to throw in the towel when something like a health screening or weigh in goes the wrong way, but honestly my dear, look at your weight and body template while you were in Austin and then look at you now and tell me there hasn't been a major change. You are doing wonderful and frankly a size 0 is the only size that's not overweight by today's standards, and who the hell wants to see kate moss ribs poking through a beautiful dress. You are amazing and doing so well and I'm very proud of you Mimi. Rock on through this little side step and show them all why your a diva who can back it up. Munkey Puddin'

Rose said...

Ew, Your BF% is totally in healthy range and we know that's way more important!

I bet those heads turn so fast that NYC doctors are trying to figure out the cause of all the whiplash cases lately ;)

Good job on the bagels, weird that it's a health screening where they feed you butter and cream cheese afterward!

You WILL NOT quit. I won't let you, mostly because I want to go shopping with you :)

Have a great day!

BeckStein said...

LOL...Ya'll are the best! Really...I feel better already, and I've decided since it's such a lovely day, I'm going to do my lunchtime cardio outside...that should revive me :)

Yes Red, we're getting together soon, I'll definitely check with you about next week. rock, thanks for reminding me how far I've you remember how big I was way back in Paris?

Rose, we're totally going shopping, we'll have to because we'll be sooo svelte!


dietbook said...

Honey, you are SO still in the game! I know your pain, I do, because there's nothing worse than doing everything right and not getting results. But you know it's only temporary and once your TOM is over it's going back down! You have GOT this, girl!

The BMI is completely stupid. Go check out the BMI project at Shapely Prose, Kate Harding's blog. It is a big eye-opener at how absurd and inaccurate the BMI is as a system of determining health or even a "healthy weight". Screw them.

Wish I had read this sooner, it's been a really rather odd day at work. But I've got your back anyway. :-) Hang in there because this is a temporary snag and it's going to be gone soon. And next week you can hold me up when I wail because I'll be in the same boat.


BeckStein said...

I'll totally check that out Val...thanks for the heads up.