Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 5 and a Friday: JOY!

Well I'm still going strong on the MDC and feeling good, although still tired and a bit zombie-ish. I know my body has just got to adjust to the extra working-out...but I don't see any rest coming up for the next week or so. The schedule is as follows: Starting tonight, I have a coaching for 2 hours after work and then I've got to do the shopping for the next week. THEN Saturday I have a birthday brunch, followed by dress rehearsal all day, followed by a performance in the Evening...& On Sunday, I have another coaching followed by an all day dress rehearsal, and then I have to go home and cook for the week. Monday is of course work all day, followed by the Orchestra Dress until probably 11pm and then Tuesday we have our Preview performance that is open to a select audience. Wednesday is work followed by Voice...and Thursday is Opening night for Fanciulla del West followed by a weekend of performances and a possible audition for La Fille du Regiment on Friday. Then I can "rest" on

So the plan is to follow the plan that I have set out for myself and take one thing as it comes. I've got my meals planned, my work-outs during the day planned, all my rehearsals, lessons and coachings planned...and I've even made allowances for whatever life may throw at me in the duration.

I also did well at my voice lesson and ladies night last night. My teacher loved my new French Aria and said that it's a keeper. I ate an authorized meal of lean steak, black beans, guacamole, lettuce and tomato...And avoided the dreaded wine that was offered....I had diet coke instead in a wine Hey ya gotta do what ya gotta do to stay festive.

Today I will continue on and eat my meals, drink my water, work-out, practice and finally get to bed and have a good 8 hours tonight. So wish me strength and perseverance and I'll wish you the same.

Stay strong and have a great day!

PS. I wanted to say that I'm so proud of my peeps and wanted to thank those who are in this with me and have been a source of encouragement. Ian, thanks for your kind words and suggestions...Monkey Puddin'. Val, you're doing an awesome job and I love hearing about your gold really puts a warm feeling in this cold Zombie Heart of mine. Rose, I love how you're tearing up the're sooo kicking ass right now! Toi, toi, toi to all on their endeavors...that's the opera way to say good luck by the way.


Rose said...

Love the pic over there!

You are doing aaaaaaamazing... I can't even imagine having your schedule and sticking to your diet and exercise goals...

You're awesome (but I think I already told you that!)

<3 Beck

Rose said...

lol i meant <3 u Beck


dietbook said...

Right back atcha, Bex! You're kicking butt and taking names, and all at a breakneck pace that leaves ME breathless and I'm not even the one doing it! :-)

Loving the Diet Coke in the wineglass, I have to try that tonight. I have a dinner that sprang up at the very last moment and I'm panicking a bit. It's going to mean a very late workout - won't be over till 9 - and I have NO idea what will be served. It's definitely a pop quiz from the Professor of Healthy Living! Gah. :-)

Rock on, Bex, rock on!


PS: And your Zombie Girl heart is NOT cold, silly. It's actually a heart of gold - that's what makes Zombie Girl a superhero, not a supervillian. :-)

Ian said...

Her heart may be gold, but he feet are as cold as a zombies! And your not the only one losing weight by any means necessary, I'm doing Body for Life again and so far i've lost 24lbs. so only 25 more to go and i'm back to my wrestling weight. I'm pulling for ya babe and if ya need anything, call me. Monkey Puddin'

Zololkis said...
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