Thursday, April 24, 2008

Almost Friday

Yeah, I'm still tired, but I feel like I'm on the upside of tired today. I've got a long weekend ahead of me with the Opera Tour, but at least I can sleep on the bus? Maybe...I don't sleep well while traveling, one of my downfalls. At least I'll be with people I like and I know that we'll have fun regardless of the LONG hours on the tour bus.

I ate pretty well yesterday, unfortunately I was a bit derailed because I worked a reception last night for our opera company and the only food available was sandwiches, cheese, and cookie I had a little of it all...the equivalent of one turkey sandwich, one little square of cheddar and 3 cookies with a cup of decaf coffee. I did avoid the alcohol however and did get in quite a bit of exercise just from the running, fetching and hauling of things for the reception. I also kicked ass in Fat-Burning Pilates class yesterday, so I didn't feel too terrible about the later food (ehem the cookies) I consumed, and the earlier part of the day was clean and healthy. Today's goal is to continue the good eating and getting more rest. I'm finding that it really is the fatigue that's doing me I'm committed to really getting in all the rest I possibly can, while feeding my body good healthy things and really killing it at the gym.

I'm really ready to finish the MDC strong and I know with my girls Val & Rose that we can do this thing and we're going to be sooo proud of how we held on and pushed through to the end. We'll be laughing over cocktails after a day of shopping here in NYC about how gruelling and sketchy it got in the middle of the challenge, but how we overcame the little things and really kick-ass the rest of the way through. Let's do it girls...we've soooo got this!!! We're gonna punch and kick our way through if we have to, and it's going to be a strong finish from now on. ONE MONTH & 2 Days to go until Memorial Day...Let's Do This Thing!

Have a Great Day!


Rose said...

I'm glad you made MDC two months... this is the month where we learn, make our mistakes so that when we get to May we can really rock it!

Ahhh, cocktails and shopping two of my favorite things in the world :)

I hope you can sleep on the way to NYC but you know what it's all about balance three cookies combined with running around and pilates and I say you're golden ;)

Take care sweetie,
I hope you get a great nights sleep tonight!


Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo! (Goodness, I sound like I'm at a Nascar race...) Bex, you've got me fired up again! You're good at that. :-)

I'm ready to finish strong, too. After that slump I had at the end of the last week I really feel like I'm back in the swing. I can't wait to see where we are at the end of May.

I think you've done pretty great, personally. Those cookies don't even matter in the context of all the things you did that day. You burned them off and then some. Little indulgences like that don't count as long as you're not doing it every fifteen minutes. :-)

I hope you're getting lots of rest and let's rock May!


losing cd said...

hey, don't forget about me, even though life is hectic and complicated, i am still in the challenge! way to go on sticking with your healthy eating yesterday, it doesn't sound like you really blew it. sounds to me like you did really great!