Friday, April 18, 2008


Alright, I'm still feeling a little crazy and bothered from yesterday...however, I realize that hormones are affecting my mental state. Remember that menstrual = mental...and I feel it a comin' on. I'll be surfing the crimson wave by this time next week and probably relieved of the extra water weight I'm taking on at the moment. I can tell that it's hitting me hard, not only because of the water weight and the emotional roller coaster ride I'm on, but my immune system is low and I'm fighting the tickle in my throat so it doesn't become a cold.

I got 7 hours of sleep last night, it would have been 8, but the boyfriend couldn't find his text book or keys this morning, so I had to get up and help him there went the extra hour of sleep :( booo. I'm soooo sleeping in tomorrow *yawn*. So now I'm typing, still a bit groggy and tired, and it's going to be a long day due to having to be at the Opera Theatre tonight for "Fanciulla"...the show won't be over until 11pm, which puts me at home around midnight (theoretically). Those are the cons for today.

The pros for today are: It's Friday, it's sunny and beautiful, the weekend is upon us (I know that's a bit redundant because the Friday comment, but it has to be said)and my friend Kristin is coming into the city and we're going to have a work-out date at lunchtime :D It's sooo nice to have a buddy, especially for working out. I'm wondering if I can't convince her to do a power walking session outside, since it's a GORGEOUS Spring day! Ahhh Spring and the warm temps that come with...I really want to play hooky and not come back to work!!! Maybe I'll call my boss and ask...I've sooo got cabin fever.

Ok, so I've made a decision. I'm going to go back and look over my logs for the past three weeks. I'm going to compare Wk 1, 2 & 3 of the MDC to see where things started going askew (Week 1 was very successful). Granted it may just be water weight & muscle gain, but I definitely need to check things out to make sure. Maybe there's something in my diet that's causing the reverse on the scale...Oh, I'm up 2 more pounds today BTW! I'm only 4 lbs. away from where I started the MDC and I refuse to continue going backwards. So I'll do the check and really clean up my act if that's the case. I'm also going to attempt to change up the work-outs a bit to shock the body...that may be the simplest answer. I'm also going to really push for more sleep as well. I may have to buy a separate bed for the living room just so that I can get that much needed sleep...the boyfriend's and my schedule are just not meshing well and I'm not getting any rest. I may even spend sometime away if I have to...I'm just going down in flames mentally and physically at the moment and I need to get control of the situation. He's a darling, don't get me wrong, but our schedule oppositions suck and I can't keep up with it. breathing and I feel that I've got a good plan for revamping my fitness & nutrition plan. I'll also make sure to cook and prepare my meals for the week so there are no unexpected eating never know what's hidden in your food, no matter how healthy and simple you think it is.

I want to thank all my friends / blog peeps for supporting me and encouraging me. I love you're the best...thank you, thank you, thank you...I truly am blessed.

Have a GREAT Weekend!



Rose said...

I bet the weight gain thing is more a combo of stress, lack of sleep and TOM than anything else. Who has to sleep in the living room lol?

I'm glad it's a beautiful day in NYC... and I hope you do get to power walk outside... Vitamin D and fresh air will lift your spirits! I say forget work and enjoy your day, but I'm always anti-work and pro-anything else ;)

I hope your weekend is filled with lots of sunshine and sleep and I'm sure everything will balance out soon enough!


Anonymous said...

My poor Bex! I do feel for you because it makes you pretty damned frantic when you're working your tail off and the scale not only isn't going down, but is going UP. Completely unfair.

I think it's always a great idea to examine the logs and see if there's a pattern there. That's really the point of having them, isn't it? I'm with Rose and you, I suspect it's fatigue, stress and hormones, but it never hurts to check.

I hope you get the sleep situation straightened out so you're able to get rest without being away from the boyfriend! But either way, yeah, sleep is critical, especially for someone who goes as nonstop as you.

Hugs, and I hope you have a beautiful and very restful weekend!