Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hump Day

I'm so glad it's the middle of the week and that it's ever closer to Friday. I'm ridiculously exhausted and I'm barely keeping my head above water. I know it's all due to my crazy schedule and good ol' PMS. I was so close to calling in this morning, but decided to save my days off for this coming Monday when I return from the "Fanciulla" Tour. I know that I'll be completely worthless come Monday morning after traveling the Northeast over this coming weekend. It's that time again when we hit Massachusetts and give Opera to the at least the opera loving masses.

I'm desperately trying to keep on my good eating and working-out plan, but with my sleep deprivation, I find that making sound choices is getting difficult. This morning I decided to have organic steel-cut oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts to fuel my body...and for my second meal I had fat free Greek yogurt with chopped raw almonds. I feel that I'm going under and that I could easily go over the edge of getting sick if I don't take care. So good food is even more important now than taking my vitamins and drinking my water.

Today's work-out plan is Fat-Burning Pilates Class at 12:15, which means I've gotta jet now to get there.

Have a great day...and I hope I perk up soon.



Rose said...

Ugh, Bex... I'm sorry you're having a rough week... but I'm so proud of you for sticking to plan as much as you can... Take each victory. Oatmeal, greek yogurt, pilates... all good. They'll far outweigh any slip ups!

Hope Pilates was great!!

Have a great day!

dietbook said...

Bex, I am sending you every single ounce of positive energy and stamina that I can. It is so, so hard to stay healthy and strong when you're flattened...and I can hear the fatigue in your post. And even when you know that if you give in you'll feel worse than ever...sometimes it's just hard to summon the energy to care.

Just know that (a) we're cheering for you and (b) regardless of how this week goes, next week will be better. And you've kicked so much butt with this challenge already.

Hang in there, darlin'. I'm pulling for you.