Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Day Off

I took a lovey day of "rest" from pretty much everything yesterday. Of course by rest, this means I slept for maybe an extra hour, then got up and cooked some meals for the rest of the week, took a shower and then prepared for a voice lesson. How is that a day of rest? Well considering my normal schedule, it was a pretty light day AND I took it as my day off from working-out; so I could physically rejuvenate and survive the rest of the hectic week & weekend coming up. Usually my days "off" are generally terrible in the way of eating because I'm not on such a tight schedule, but I actually did really well yesterday and ate only authorized meals. Another exciting thing happened yesterday as well, I lost another 2 lbs. which puts me below and into another weight range :D I'm getting there, and I'm not going to let up...can you imagine how much progress I can make with another 1 and a half months left on the MDC? Granted the first 2 weeks of any plan is generally the most dramatic for me in seeing generally slows up to 1-2 lbs. a week after that, which I'll happily take! That's another 6-12 lbs. possible to lose by the goal date for The Memorial Day Challenge. I do believe I will definitely be bikini ready by then and enjoying the summer in my turquoise bikini that I purchased from Victoria's Secret...hehe...I'm gonna look sooo good! Finally a summer where I may actually bare some skin...granted with lots of sunblock. I have to say that in all my adult life, I've never felt secure enough to where a bikini...I HAVE worn one, but I didn't feel confident and that's all I ask really. Thus I'm going to keep busting my @$$ in the gym and eating really clean and lean...and I will look good, feel good and be confident with my body! Besides, once I reach my final weight and/or sizing goal, I'm gonna treat myself to some lovely shopping...maybe I'll buy several bikinis...hehe...oh and a new summer dress! One that shows my arms, because I'm totally gonna be working on them. It really is exciting to be this close to my all time fitness's been a long journey, 10 years to be exact, to get to this...and I'm not gonna quit until I cross the finish line, ETA: May 26, 2008 (Memorial Day) I think Val & Rose should come to NYC to shop with me and celebrate our success & completion of the MDC...what do you think girls? Girls day out? I'll treat ya to a Mani/Pedi and you can crash at my place! Well, if you do decide to ever come up this way, my door is always open...oooh, slumber party (I know, I'm such a 12 year old.)

Have a great day!


dietbook said...

OMG, Bex, that is awesome! You have really kicked butt on this challenge. I am super proud of you and, of course, totally jealous. :-)

I'm so glad you had a day off, I imagine you really needed it at the pace you've been setting. It'll probably do worlds of good and now you have your food ready to go so nothing can catch you out!

I would love to come up and spend the weekend with you. Not sure I can actually afford to, but who knows? If I make my Memorial Day goal, maybe DH will spring for the trip. :-) I'll have to see if I can work a deal with him.

Keep rockin', this challenge is definitely the ticket for us all, I think!


Rose said...

Yay!!! That's so exciting!!!! (and I'm kind of jealous too lol)

I want to go to NYC too!!!! Yay slumber parties!!! I'll never pass up shopping or a mani/pedi either!!!

This challenge really is incredible, we're all just rocking it (or at least I think so!)


P.S. I must be really excited look at all those exclamation points :D

Ian said...

what the hey?!? I'm not invited to sleep over at your place? ;) Actually I think i'll be in NYC in June for a week of sightseeing and relaxation with some of the guys from my improv troupe. Congrats on the additional weight loss and i never thought you looked bad in a bikini but I know what you mean about being comfortable with showing skin. Keep it up chicklette!