Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 1: The Memorial Day Challenge

No really, I'm actually starting this week, today in fact. I've cooked my meals, I've got my handy-dandy planner, and I've got my new work-out DVD ready to go. I'm also feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the things I need to get done, but I'm not going to allow that to sway me from my goals for this challenge. I will just take one thing at a time as it comes. That's all one can do. Wish me Luck!



dietbook said...

Me too me too me too! :-)

I am SO with you on this. I'm a little scared too, because...I don't know, because I've been so lazy, I think. But we are going to ROCK this challenge. One day at a time, one meal at a time, one crunch at a time...we are going to rock it! :-) I'm also feeling a little stoked, can you tell?

Seriously've done your prep, and you've got your plan. You're loaded for bear, sister, now just take one step at a time and remember I'm with you! :-)


BeckStein said...

Thanks V, and yes I can see you're stoked...that's awesome. I need an excited buddy to do this with. We're gonna get great results...just wait! See, now you've got me excited. hehe.