Monday, March 24, 2008

Das Belly Flab

Have you ever considered the close relation between the words Mental and Menstrual? They look and sound so fact, you could say that I'm Mental when I'm Menstrual. I'm sooo PMS-ing currently and terribly moody, not to mention bloated and crampy. I've found that the healthier I eat, the more active I am at exercising and the more rest I get, the less PMS effects me. Sadly I've been so lackadaisical when it comes to good eats, rest and exercise that I really am feeling the bad side of my menstrual cycle...due to start this week. That said, I'm doing something about it: I'm back on the good eating kick, have plans for some nice exercise, and who knows I may actually get some sleep tonight :) Oh and I'm logging my food, water & supplement intake, so that I stay on the straight and narrow.

Now the goals for the day, week and next few months: Blasting away the Belly Fat. I made a challenge to my friend V from the Dietbook blog to spend the next few months with me losing 10 lbs and/or one to two dress sizes...assuming that works within her current fitness program. I'm serious about setting goals and meeting them. So by Memorial Day I will be svelter and on the healthy side of happily lean. How do I plan to do it? Eat clean (lean protein, veggies, fruit, and whole grains), portion control (5-6 small meals a day), Exercise (6 days with on day rest of cardio and resistance training) and get atleast 7 hours of sleep a night. Sounds like a no brainer huh? But now I've just got to do it. I know what I have to do, it's the sticking with it and the consistency of it that makes it work! So if any of you out there want to join me in this new challenge for Memorial Day, drop me a line and we'll get started. No time like the present.

Have a great day!

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dietbook said...

You know I'm with you! :-)

You know, it does sound so simple, and I guess it is really...but simple isn't the same as easy! :-) Getting all the pieces in place, and in play...sometimes it's just a huge challenge. If the rest of life would just leave you alone it would be so much easier! Heh.

I'm mental when I'm menstrual, I love it! Very true! And yeah, the worse I eat the worse I am...and it's harder to eat well and be active when the Hell Week is approaching. Sort of like the deck is stacked against you.

Hang in there, though. Hopefully it'll be over soon and you'll be feeling great. And we'll kick some Memorial Day butt! :-)