Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Blog with no Name...

It's been a crazy few weeks I can tell you that. Let me see if I can catch you up. As you know, if you 've been reading my previous blogs, we've been doing The Dangerous Liaisons at Dicapo Opera. My job for this particular opera was to sing background chorus, do hair & make-up and assist with wardrobe...whew. So now that that's done, we're in rehearsals for our RA Cabaret coming up in 2 weeks (or actually less than). I've started the healthy eating again and the exercise regime as well. I did pretty good yesterday and kept it to a vegan eating plan and a nice 35 minute jaunt uphill on the treadmill. On top of that, I did a film shoot on Saturday (a bit part with only 6 lines) for an Indie Feature film that is going to Cannes...and then they called me Sunday and asked me to do some singing for the film as well. So tomorrow I have a coaching for the music on the film and then the following day we lay tracks and do the dubbing. I'll be the singing voice of the "opera singer" in the film who is trying to handle her career and personal life, but snaps in the duration...hehe...no it's not my life's story! I think I'm handling life and career pretty well thank you.

Wow that didn't take very long. So now that you're caught up the only thing left is the present. Thus presently I broke down and decided to have a decaf coffee for a snack after my fruit smoothie for breakfast. I really wanted oatmeal with dried fruit and roasted nuts, but forces being what they are, I settled for the decaf. I know...how is having decaf, breaking down? Well I'm trying not to eat or drink anything processed, and from what I understand, Decaf coffee has to go through a whole slew of transformation to become what it is...so I'm basically having chemicals for a snack. Oh well, it's better for me personally not to be wired from the fully loaded version. I guess I could have just said no, but I really wanted it, so I allowed myself to indulge. HaHa... I love that coffee is now such a big negotiation in my life. Interesting how things change and it's not a cupcake. Isn't life funny! I'll write more later:

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dietbook said...

LMAO...Bex, you always crack me up. :-)

You and your crazy life, girl - I don't know how you do it all, I really don't. It sounds very exciting though, and the film is super cool. (Are you sure it's not your life story? Except you haven't snapped!)

I never thought about the decaf process being such an issue, but you're right. Ugh. I guess that makes my decaf tea more of a no-no than I thought. But you're SO right - as splurges go, it's extremely minor compared to an entire bag of chips...not that I would ever do that. Ahem.

Take care of yourself, I hope you're getting plenty of rest to keep up with that schedule. Thinking lots of positive high-energy thoughts for you. MWAH.