Monday, March 17, 2008

Kiss Me I'm Irish

Top o' the mornin' to ya. Tis Saint Patty's day and the Irish are out and fighting...or at least kissin' & pinchin'...and later drinkin' (if they haven't started already or continued on from the weekend's festivities). I'm of course wearing a cute green dress in celebration of my Irish heritage. On my father's mother's side we're Irish, which explains the pigmentally challenged skin I ended up with. No complaints, I'm lucky that I got the porcelain without all the sister however, you could play connect the dots on. Personally I think freckles are way cute, especially on my sis.

So far this morning I've had enough Irish Soda Bread to count as a full meal, and yes with butter on it (mmm...) but now of course this means that I have to watch what I eat for the rest of the day. Lord knows I don't need that much bread at anyone time, but it was sooo good.

The performance went really well this past weekend, and sadly it was our last show all together. Now it's just the boys left doing Fanciulla del West with only 3 other girls, and only one of them being a Resident Artist. I'll be heading up hair & make-up and my friend Kristin will head up the wardrobe department, so that at least adds 2 more RA girls to the mix. We will also be taking this show on tour as The National Lyric that makes the process even longer. This will be the final show of the season followed by a master class for the RA's. The master class will be the final opportunity to see and hear all my lovely friends at Dicapo together. The group changes every year and it always seems a bit sad and bitter-sweet. Those who go on to bigger and better things, will be missed :( As for me, I'm planning on at least one more year in the program if they'll have me and if I get a considerable role for the season...if not my teacher won't allow me to do the program and I must hunt for roles outside of Dicapo. I guess she's right, I do have to get roles under my belt in order to continue to work and grow in the opera business...I just will miss everyone terribly and I truly enjoy working with the folks at Dicapo Opera Theatre...they're very talented and nice people, and they've been good to me. Sure it's a lot of work...but hey, it's work and I'm always doing something, so that to me is a bonus.

Tonight I have two parties to go to and a week full of activities. just doesn't stop does it.

Have a Safe and Happy St. Patrick's Day!


dietbook said...

Happy St. Paddy's! :-) Yummy bread...mmm...

Sounds like you have a busy, crazy week coming up. Hope that it's a good one and leaves you feeling happy and accomplished!

My Elder Daughter got the freckles too, though not in masses. She hates them, but I think they're adorable. I always wished for them but got a bit too much of the Cherokee blood. So I was always white as snow, but no cute freckles. My doctor used to test me for anemia every time I went because my hair as a teenager was a sort of dark blonde, but my skin was so pale I looked sick.

Now I tan beautifully; the older I get, the more pigment I seem to have, and my hair is super dark. Crazy how things'd never think I was Irish now except for the temper. Heh. :-)

Anyway...there I go rambling again. Hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and a great week!


Akinogal said...

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