Friday, March 28, 2008

Life's what happens when you're making other plans.

I let hormones and life get in the way of me truly meeting the challenge which I set for myself, V and anyone else hankering to try. I am committed however to starting strong this Monday 3/31/08. I've already created the menu for the whole week including snacks. I have my shopping list ready for the grocery store, so that I don't get detoured...and I'm going to purchase a new work-out DVD that I'm really excited about. It's good to be gives you a good start and gets you interested. It's been a while since I've been excited about my work-outs, so I think this will be a nice tool to help me get back in the game.

This weekend is one packed with music...two recitals to go to on Saturday and one recital to sing in on Sunday. Plus I have several new pieces of music to learn and have ready by mid-April in order to enter them into a Competition that coming up in May. I'm ready to really dedicate myself to my music and gaining the edge I need to be competitive in my career. That's going to take scheduling and consistency, but I can do it! Perhaps I should buy a planner as well as that new DVD that I'm picking up today. I currently use a big place mat calendar on my desk, but it would be nice to carry it around with me too. I was also thinking of getting a new fancy phone that's more of a PDA and keep my schedule that way as well. We'll see what I come up with...maybe I'll just create something on the computer to carry around with me and save some dinero. I also need to organize my home life this weekend and do the grocery shopping for the week. I don't have any plans for tonight yet, so I believe I'll get some of my needs out of the way in order to have time for other things later. Time management is the name of the game...right? Well it is currently, in order to survive my upcoming schedule.

Ok, so now I have a plan, a schedule and the inspiration to get things just to execute and persevere. I can so do this!

Have a great day and weekend!



Ian said...

I tell ya what, Marie has the Carmen Electra Stripaerobic dvd set and is really enjoying it, good cardio workout, dance training and something for the guys. She's got a group of girls she works out with and they love it. just saying

dietbook said...

You are so interferes with everything. :-) But you have done the hard work - I'm very impressed! You're definitely more prepared than I am! :-) I did go grocery shopping early though so I'd be ready - does that count?

Rock on, sister...