Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Memorial Day Challenge

Doing well on the restarted program. I got some exercise, 7 hours of sleep, took my supplements and kept my caloric intake under 1500 yesterday. I'm currently having my first meal & grouping of supplements of the day and I am already looking forward to my work-out at the gym later today for lunch. It feels good to be back on track, and with consistency & perseverance, I'll reach my new challenge. In case you don't feel like back blogging, the challenge is to lose 10 lbs. or 1-2 dress sizes by Memorial Day. That's definitely doable, especially when you do the numbers: 8 weeks at 1-2 pounds a week...I believe that's a nice healthy pace. But again I have to remain consistent with my work-outs and my nutrition. One of my main objectives is to keep processed crap out of the diet...I think that in itself is helpful. So what do you think? Do you want to join me and Ms. V of the Dietbook Blog for The Memorial Day Challenge? What do you have to lose except for unwanted pounds and inches. :)

Have a great day,