Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daylight Saving Time?

Can I have my hour back please! I mean really this waking up early with an hour missing is for the birds...come on...seriously? I'm getting up before 6 am every morning which is really before 5 am if you think about it. My body just isn't adjusting happily :( And boy do I feel it! All I want to do is sleep. In fact I did take a nice 2 hour nap last night when I got home from work and then slept all night on top of that...so if that's not need for sleep, I don't know what is. Currently I'm writing this blog through a sleep deprived fog...and ne'er does the coffee I consumed at 7:30 this morning help.

So the agenda for today: Work of course until 4:30pm, get in a work-out at lunch, teach a friend the choreography for our upcoming performance this weekend, rehearse until 10ish and then back home to sleep...yeah, no rest for the weary. I guess I'll have to invest in coffee this week in order to push through. I've just got to make sure to take my vitamins, get as much rest as possible and not get sick. A tall order, but what can a girl with a busy schedule do? I'm really not complaining though. I'm thrilled to always be performing and spending time with my friends and loved ones...Life truly is good with many options on the horizon. I'm not gonna kick myself too hard for not being ridiculously strict on my diet and exercise program...heck I'm thrilled that I even get a work-out in and that I'm not scarfing down half a gallon of chocolate ice cream. Just gotta keep on keepin' on. Perseverance baby...perseverance.


dietbook said...

Wow, crazy life! Do take care of yourself, it sounds positively brutal though in a really fun way.

I want my hour back too. Time changes are stupid and pointless. Let's just split the difference, add a half hour and call it good, that's my philosophy. :-)


Anonymous said...

I, 2, Sing With An Opera House, Work Full Time With A Social Life. Its Comforting 2 Know That I Am Not The Only One Who Is Crazy Busy And Gets Sick Every Month. Where I Live Is Warm, But They Keep Their Buildings @ 40 Degrees Or Below!

BeckStein said...

No I need my full hour back Val, I just can't compromise on this one...lol...but I am trying to get rest and take my vitamins, so we'll see if I can avoid getting sick.

It is nice to hear from you anonymous opera singer, and there are so many of us out there just trying to make it. I truly believe the one's that stick with it will get to where they're going in the end. Yeah and my day job is like 40 degrees too...in the winter they run the A/C...what's that about?