Monday, March 10, 2008

Life in Flux

Why oh why are women so overwhelmed and swayed by their hormones? I just hate how hormones make me react and feel. For example, it can put me in the mood or not, allow me to make irrational decisions, cry on a dime, eat & drink things that aren't necessarily the best for me, and so on and so on... If you're a woman I think you can understand and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with PMS. It's just the different levels of chemicals floating around in our system that can be triggered and that set us off to make decisions that aren't always the best in life choices. I mean if I didn't have triggers, I would probably go to the gym everyday, eat veggies and lean proteins and be perfectly content with the good aspects of my life. However that's not the case. And so I will try to remember myself and my logic and try NOT to be ruled by hormonal imbalances that may be in flux.

I went with a group of friends this past weekend to Cambridge, MA to see a friend of ours perform the title role in Turandot. It was a long drive in the rain that took 5-6 hours and we were exhausted by the time we had arrived. A quick cup of tea and a few grapes with some bread and butter, then it was off to the theatre, where my friend had me do her make-up for the show. (This is not uncommon seeing as how I do it professionally for my current opera company besides singing there). Then we sat for a 3 hour long opera...I believe each one of us was ready to drop by the time it was over. The pro's of the performance were the orchestra, our friend's singing, and a few shining performers in the lead ensemble. Then we got a grand tour of Harvard and then it was back to our lovely Turandot's apartment. In the morning we traveled back to NYC, this time not taking as much time, including a stop at Denny's on the way. Can I just say how much I miss and love hashbrowns?...It was also the introduction of Denny's and Hashbrowns to our Italian friend Paolo who was on the trip with us...he too now has a love for hashbrowns...ah...welcome to the darkside Paolo...*mwahahaha* Finally back in NYC my friend Lynne and I killed time together until I had to go to rehearsal at Dicapo for the cabaret we'll be doing this coming weekend. Rehearsal lasted much longer than anticipated and the choreography for the opening number is still not finished. This seems to be the way of it every year, it's a bit stressful, but it's the theatre and I can handle it. You'll have to forgive the disconnected ramble of this blog. I seem to be a bit sleep deprived due to the long hours of traveling, rehearsing, and daylight saving time. There will be plenty of time to rest after this weekend...but until then I must continue to rehearse, practice and perfect until time to perform.

My eating has been a half-hearted attempt at healthy, but not overwhelmingly bad...and my work-outs haven't been much better. I plan on going to the gym today and burn the calories I collected on my trip...did I mention hashbrowns?

The good thing out of all of this is that I forged new friendships and strengthened current ones. If you can take a road trip with someone in the pouring rain and come out relatively unscathed then you know you have friends for life...In fact I would say we had a fun and fantastic time! I think my favorite part of the trip is when I got to sit in front and play DJ with the Ipod and how everyone loved my song choices...Lynne had such a great collection to choose from and we jammed like we were teenagers again. Life is good...even when in flux.

Have a great day!


dietbook said...

I totally agree, hormones SUCK, or perhaps it's the lack of appropriate ones that sucks...I'm not sure. But something sure sucks. :-)

It sounds like you had a great time despite that, though. Good times are not to be sneezed at! And feel free to ramble, I'm a big fan of rambling.

Hope the hormones start cooperating soon. MWAH!


BeckStein said...

Ah, thanks Val...I think they're starting to get under control. You know how it is when you're trying to juggle life on very little sleep.