Thursday, March 13, 2008


Currently I've got the theme song from "Little Shop of Horrors" stuck in my head...I'm singing it this weekend in our cabaret show at Dicapo Opera Theatre. It's a really cute number, pretty fun and I get to pretend that I have soul or knows I sold that years ago. I'm also in "All that Jazz," "One Day More," and "Nine"...that's about it, I think? There are no solos, it's a show full of duets, trios and ensembles. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with everyone for being able to crossover into Musical Theatre so well...I don't think there's one person that doesn't get it. Looks like it'll be a fun and entertaining show, even though we're still learning words and choreography up to the last second. Tonight's the last rehearsal to finish learning all that I just mentioned and tomorrow night is the final dress rehearsal (even though we haven't even had a dress rehearsal at all)...I still have no idea what I'm going to wear, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

As for the sleep deprivation, I'm feeling much better today. Either I'm getting use to running on less sleep or I've got my second wind...HA! And there seems to be no rest until after the show this Saturday. They've got us scheduled until 10pm tonight which means I'll get home close to midnight and get up before 6am...and then do it all over again tomorrow. In between work and rehearsal I have a vocal coaching as well in order to prepare for my recital on the 30th this month...but once this weekend is over, things start to "lighten" I wouldn't trade it in for the world though...I do indeed love my life and could only ask for maybe a bit more money and a few more hours of sleep. But God knows that I would probably end up using the money for lessons or something and the hours in order to take them in...haha, so you see, it's impossible for me to just stop and rest. Oh Well...Carpe Diem.

Have a great day!


Ian said...

go get 'em chicklette!

dietbook said...

You know, as long as you're enjoying the craziness, it's okay. As DH says, we can sleep when we're dead. :-) Sounds like you're having an awesome time!