Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And the Progress Continues

Alright, the first day "back at the blog" went well I think. I maintained my online "journal" and accomplished everything I set forth yesterday. Now to keep the momentum going. All we can do is take it moment by moment, day by day...a lesson I've learned the hard way. If you're an absolutist (like me) about things, you may find that if you don't bend, then you may break. Unfortunately, I've been known to be a little hardcore/strict on my diet and then have one slip up and be like "F#@K it , I already messed up the day, I might as well enjoy the rest of the day, week, month, year"...you get the idea. So the plan is to make good decisions when they come and not beat myself up if I have a few mis-haps or unplanned things come into my life...besides you can always burn a few more calories if you eat a few more than you planned.

On the opera front: I had a quasi-terrible coaching yesterday. Last week the allergies hit me hard and gave me a little laryngitis, thus Monday being my first vocal day back, I didn't feel I did my best singing...on the positive though, I did get through all of "Emmeline" memorized (which is saying a lot, due to the score's difficulty).

On the weight progression: I am on the right track and already 2 lbs. down from yesterday. I look forward to when the scale will say 10 lbs. down and my clothes say 2 inches in :) I think I'll see great progress in the next two weeks. I just have to continue to eat clean, watch my calories, and work-out almost everyday.

Here's today's fitness/nutrition log:

7:30 am - 2 medium organic hard boiled eggs (152 calories), water, herbal tea (lemon rose)

Supplements: Multi-Vitamin (Trader Darwin's Women's), 1200 mg Calcium w/200 IU vitamin D (10 calories), 595 mg potassium gluconate, milkthistle.

10:30 am - Organic Decaf Coffee w/organic half & half (100 calories) and half of a 0% organic plain yogurt (50 calories) w/stevia extract

1:00 pm - Organic Quinoa (127 calories) & Organic Red Beans (110 calories)

Baked Organic Cherries (54 calories)


2:30 pm - Workout: 1 hour of moderate walking

3:30 pm - Organic Chicken Vegetable Soup...mmm (170 calories)

Baked Organic Cherries (54 calories)

5:30 pm - Decaf Coffee w/half & half (110 calories)

7:30 pm - Orange (62 calories) & cup of organic skim milk (110 calories)

End of Day Stats:

Total of 1109 calories

Total of 11,000 steps today

Have a great day!

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LAF said...

Those are great goals! I'm looking forward to having ten pounds lost as well. Good luck, you can do it!