Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Working for it!

All's well in NYC. I've been eating ultra healthy and started a hardcore work-out regiment last Monday (week before Columbus Day). Thus I've had a week's worth of butt kicking moments at the gym. Thankfully, my actress friend Rebecca is doing it with me, which keeps me strong and accountable. Our training program consists of 6 days a week with ever changing work-outs. Here's an example of week 1 and what we've accomplished:

Monday: Lower Body Weight Training

Tuesday: Guerilla Cardio (HIIT)

Wednesday: Upper Body Weight Training

Thursday: Guerilla Cardio (HIIT) or Masala Bangra (Indian Dancing - Bollywood)

Friday: Lower Body Weight Training

Saturday: Cardio, or in our case Vinyasa Yoga

Sunday: Rest

Now we're on week 2 of our plan and we completed our Upper Body Weight Training Yesterday. Today will be more Guerilla Cardio, followed by Lower Body Weight Training on Wednesday, and so on and so on... I think you get the idea.

As for the eating, we're eating 5-6 times a day, small meals that consist of low carb, high protein....basically lean meats and veggies, or a nice greek yogurt with chopped raw almonds.

In one week, she's already dropped 7 lbs. and I've lost 5, but I'm thinking the actual scale loss will lessen as we build bone and muscle density...thus I'm gonna have to go off my goal jeans which I try on weekly. So far the goal jeans are still a bit tight, but they did slide over my thighs and hips, but it'll be a few more weeks before they actually snap together comfortably.

We each have goals as to why we're training so hard, mine is for my debut on International Television when I go and sing in Hungary in mid-November and then I play Musetta in mid-December, thus I need to be in top form for those events. Her goal is for her MFA audition at UT Austin in December, thus she too wants to be in top form (1st impressions are everything... especially in our industry). Then I created an even further challenge to keep us going after the holidays. I told her, when tax returns come around, and if we stick with the hard core training and eating right, that I'd treat us to a little tropical get away. What better motivation than knowing your going to be in a bikini on a beach somewhere? I know that'll keep my butt in the gym!

Another challenge is the fact that my friend Jake (the trainer) says that he'd be surprised if we even make it through week 2, thus, I'm out to prove him wrong...nothing fuels my fire like proving a point! I'm strong and I'll show him and myself that I can do this!..because hey, I can :)

What's your motivation? Why don't you join me, no time like the present right?

Have a great day.


Rebecca said...

Working HARD for it! Happy second week, my gym buddy :)

BeckStein said...

Thanks hon, you too...Now let's kick some butt!

Susan Eichhorn-Young said...

great to read your inspiration - and I think it's time for ME to get off MY BUTT too!

BeckStein said...

Thanks Susan, please let me know if I can be of any assistance, even if it's gym or class buddy :)