Friday, October 16, 2009

Masala Bhangra P.I.

Yesterday was my first Masala Bhangra class, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it AND it was quite the work-out. The instructor started us of simple enough and then built on the foundation where by the end of the class we were doing a whole Bollywood dance scene. My friend KV commented that it was the first class she ever took where she wasn't watching the clock and counting down the minutes...and in her book that's quite the class. All in all everyone got a good work-out while having a blast!

After the class was finished we adjourned to the locker room and I attempted to get ready for the book signing party that I was to attend by 7. After cleaning up and several passes of powder on my magenta face, I hopped on the subway and was at the bookstore in no fact I arrived there before the rest of my party, so all was well.

The book signing was for a new book called "Detectives Don't Wear Seat Belts" by CiCi McNair. It's basically a memoir of the crazy and exciting life of Ms. McNair and her experiences from country to country as a female private investigator. She did some readings from the book as we (they, not me, sipped wine and noshed), and not only does it sound like an interesting book, but it sounds quite humorous as well. I'm looking forward to reading it.

After the signing, in which I did get my copy signed, my group and I headed off to dinner, however unable to agree on a place in that area, we headed back up to an old favorite on the Upper Westside. It was unfortunately getting late, and seeing as how I was running low on sleep and energy, I opted to head home and get some much needed R&R instead. Very happy I did, for I feel a bit better today than yesterday.

Now it's Friday, and the beginning of a busy Opera weekend and the continuation of my fitness program. So far so good with no slips and I've hit the gym everyday this week (HARD)...I'm proud of what Bex & I have accomplished and I'm looking forward to seeing how long we can keep it up!
Hope you're seeing great success in everything you do.

Have a great day,

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