Tuesday, October 27, 2009

There and Back Again

I'm back from tour and I am glad to be home...can you say exhausted. Thankfully I had and took the option of a day off yesterday and found much need rest. However, I do find myself still really tired and I'm so not motivated to go to the gym today. Bex and I have been sticking with it, we actually met and did upper body weight training yesterday...so yay for us. Which means today is cardio...I'll be going at lunch *said as she sips her coffee in hopes the caffeine will get her there*. I literally can't keep my eyes open and the desk job isn't helping. I also over booked myself for today, so now I'm stuck scrambling to create a workable schedule...I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop my coaching for after work today due to a rehearsal that is called earlier than I originally thought...ugh...guess my brain isn't functioning at the best of levels.

The tour went well this weekend despite the fact that everyone, including the lead soprano was getting sick...but not to fear, she sang beautifully and the audience loved every last bit it seems. Another interesting opera tidbit: It looks as if the Boheme I'm doing in December is being moved back to March/April...I'm currently awaiting the official word from the company. Oh well, that just means I've more time to really get the role into my body...who would complain about that?

This week's schedule is a bit crazy, yesterday was upper body, a Boheme coaching and a meeting with management, then today is cardio, then a repertoire coaching (if I can schedule it right), followed by Emmeline rehearsal, then tomorrow is lower body, a voice lesson, and hopefully home to take care of some errands, Thursday is cardio again, then a co-workers birthday party (which probably puts me at home around 10 or 11ish...hopefully no later), Friday is upper body again with Bex after work, then home to cook and prep our place for the big Costumed Halloween Party the Maestro and I are throwing on Saturday night...whew...and yes, this is all on top of my day job. I actually don't think I'd know what to do with myself if I had a free moment...knowing me I'd probably fill it.

I believe we're at the part of our nutrition and fitness program where we start losing focus and motivation. We are currently in week 4 and finding ourselves happy with the progress so far (about 9 lbs. each and new clothes found in the old one's we couldn't wear before), but also a bit tired and bored with our work-outs and food choices. So during this week we will try to be inventive with our menus and discuss how we're going to tweak our work-outs so that we can continue the progress. The real test will be maneuvering our way through the upcoming Holiday's starting with Halloween this weekend. I plan on making my sugar-free, lo carb Almond Cookies and my sugar-free, lo carb Pumpkin Cheesecake for the party and provide a crudites platter and other healthy party food options. However, there will be drinking, so we will have to remember to be moderate if we choose to participate in libation.

Ok, so now off to my next meal and back to the day job. Have a great day folks.

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Dauntless Diva said...

Try taking liquid Elderberry every day! A baritone at my school recommended it to me last month and I've used it to avoid the Flu AND skirt around a nasty Cold, already. It works - it's cheap, any old health food store ought to carry a version of it that works just fine.

We singers have to work doubly hard to take care of ourselves - because our bodies are our instrument, everything is more difficult if we intend to stay strong AND perform AND still have time to breathe, laugh, occasionally eat and rarely sleep. ;)

I wish you the best!