Monday, October 19, 2009

Making the Excuse To Do It!

Odd thing has happened these past couple of weeks...I have found that I am capable of prioritizing my work-outs and nutrition. Before, I've either been really good with the diet or the exercise, but rarely at the same time in such a successful manner. Today I celebrate the start of week 3 on my program. So far Bex & I haven't missed a work-out, nor have we slipped on our eating plan. That's never happened...I don't think I've ever worked-out 6 consecutive days in a row before (except for a quick 30 Day Shred stint, that lasted 10 days before a break)...and I definitely haven't ever gotten through the dread 2nd week...but I DID! I did it! I got through week 2 without missing a work-out! So what's changed...what allowed me to find this motivation? Let's break it down:

  • Having a buddy (Bex, and no I'm not talking in the "royal we" context) in the gym and doing this plan with me has been a HUGE help. We keep each other accountable and make sure we're exercising and sticking with the authorized eats. Plus it's nice to have someone suffering with you, so when you complain about how sore you are, they're right there with you sympathizing instead of thinking your some kind of whiny little pansy.
  • Making a plan. I can't state it enough: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I know you've probably heard that way too many times and it seems sort of fitness market jargon-y, but it's sooo true. We sat down and made out a plan for the next 6-12 weeks...we created a meal plan that cut out processed carbs, sugars and crap and has us eating 5-6 times a day...AND we created a fitness plan that consists of working out 6 days a week with alternating programs (i.e. upper body weight training on Monday, cardio on Tuesday, lower body weight training on Wednesday, cardio on Thursday, upper body weight training on Friday, cardio on Saturday, rest on Sunday, and then start with lower body weight training on Monday, etc... you get the idea).
  • Which leads to changing it up. If I did the same work-out day in and day out, not only would the monotony drive me to run myself right off the treadmill, but I also wouldn't see much in the results area. By changing it up, it allows my body / muscles to rest in certain areas, while I concentrate on new also keeps my brain engaged. I like throwing in a new dance class here and a yoga class there...always challenging my mind and body with something that's different. And we need to shock the body to see mix it up, it's fun and it works the bod in a great way.
  • Making Fitness & Nutrition a priority! With my crazy busy schedule, I had to make my health a priority, like I do with any important appointment, appearance, rehearsal, performance, lesson, coaching, etc. in my life. This is my body, my product, my life we're talking about. I'm the most important thing in my life...hello...with out ME, there is no life...gotta keep healthy and kicking. Thus I schedule in my eating and my exercise everyday. It's a standing appointment that I cannot miss and if something comes up, then I fit it in accordingly. No more making excuses as to why I can't work-out...only excuses as to why I MUST work-out. Excuse, me, I'll be there, but I have a standing appointment at the gym first and then I'll be able to take care of XYZ. Get the point? No excuses when it comes to your health! That is the most important thing in your life...yes, even before your kids or your job...because with out it, you can't take care of anything, especially if you're not taking care of YOU! Besides it doesn't hurt to look pretty dang good either.
So now to week 3...I'm looking forward to continuing my stint of fitness. The week is already scheduled and ready to go! I'm actually, another first. Have a great week kids, and do something good for you today!

My Best,


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